More Staten Islanders rally for post-Sandy buyout

December 23, 2013 01:12PM

Staten Island’s South Beach section has filed paperwork requesting state-sponsored Hurricane Sandy buyouts of their homes.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s $400 million plan to buy and demolish homes hard-hit by last year’s storm launched in the spring. It has spread across Staten Island – to Oakwood Beach and, as of last month, Ocean Breeze.

Homeowners in the program have been receiving an average of $400,000 from the state so far, the Staten Island Advance reported. The demolition of select homes in Oakwood Beach started last month.

From South Beach, 132 residents are seeking a buyout. The paperwork was filed with Cuomo’s office today. South Beach is located just south of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

“Hopefully they (the state) will get moving on it,” South Beach Civic Association president Joe McAllister told the Staten Island Advance. “We want the wetlands restored to the natural environment on the southside of Sand Lane, something we’ve been fighting for since 2001. On the northside, we’d like them to build a park with trees and benches. In Sunnymeade, it’s below sea level and that should be bought out.” [Staten Island Advance]Mark Maurer