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Inwood’s growing bar scene irks sleep-deprived residents

December 27, 2013 01:51PM

The noisy patrons of Inwood’s burgeoning bar crawl are bringing on complaints in droves from locals who can’t seem to get any sleep.

Inwood residents have filed a record 20,000 noise complaints so far this year, almost a third more than were reported in the same time frame five years ago, the blog Northattan reported. Residents blame the noise on the surge of bars and restaurants now serving alcohol — officials granted more than 60 liquor, beer and wine licenses this year, double the number granted in 2008, Northattan said.

Inwood’s growing number of residents is partly the reason the northern Manhattan neighborhood needs more bars in more places.

One notorious restaurant, La Marina, has been downplaying the crowds it draws at board meetings, telling the community it hosts about 500 people when it really has an 1,800-person capacity, according to residents. Local protests against the restaurant’s parties resulted in the cancellation of a concert over the summer. La Marina’s response? In a statement: “The party must go on.”

Failed attempts by an advocate group dubbed Moving Forward Unidos to get the New York Police Department involved have made locals desperate. They are now pushing a petition for a 10 p.m. bedtime.

“The noise is absolutely from the growth of restaurants that play loud music,” founding member of Moving Forward Nancy Preston told Northattan. “We believe that the restaurants have a place here — a valuable one — but they must be good neighbors.” [Northattan]TRD

  • LJDA

    La Marina’s own website advertises a 3000 person capacity. BTW: The 10 cutoff was granted last August. Hope it sticks. Problem not mentioned (as is often the case):Dyckman St. “restaurants” that turn into nightclubs clubs after hours.

  • iSkyscraper

    The issue is not restaurants, or even bars for that matter. It is the complicated story of how anything in the area with a restaurant/bar liquor license turns into a nightclub running till 4 am with EDM DJ’s and pounding beats. La Marina is simply the most notorious case, having been built and licensed as a 500 seat restaurant but operating as a 3,000 person (and sometimes double that) raging nightclub, completely against its lease with the Parks Dept (which specified a 10 pm cutoff for music right from the beginning, but was not enforced until the very last weekend of 2013).

    There is not a single nightclub in Inwood with the normal Use Group 12 occupancy certificate nor a city cabaret license (required for dancing). This skirting of the rules is what is driving residents up the wall, since the normal system of checks and balances has been simply ignored.

    There are complicated forces at work here. That would be the real story for the Real Deal to investigate.