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Bronxdale apartments lack heat, hot water: Tenants

January 03, 2014 05:25PM

Tenants of a six-story Bronxdale apartment building have called on local leaders to urge their landlord to provide adequate heat and hot water, which they allege he has not.

The 88-unit property at 2198 Cruger Avenue has 92 open housing code violations, according to city Department of Housing Preservation and Development records cited by the New York Daily News. The ownership corporation, 724 Pelham Parkway LLC, has refused to address the complaints, tenants said.

Some of the tenants have had to leave to find warm shelter, or attempt to heat the home with an oven. Tenants met with state Senator Jeff Klein of the Bronx, who plans to speak to the landlord Monday. The landlord declined to comment to the Daily News.

“I can’t take a shower. Do you know what it’s like to put on dirty clothes? It’s disgusting. It messes up your whole day,” Marisa Davis told the Daily News. “We’ll have heat for three days, then we won’t for four days.”

Inspectors from HPD visited on New Year’s Eve and found that the building had an appropriate level of heat. [NYDN]Mark Maurer

  • Gettingsickandtired

    Im sure the owner is now mulling offers for a sale of the building.

  • David

    Tenants should vote with their feet and not get government involved but in the world of communism that evermore creeps into our lives we have this. There is a system of courts. Tenants can sue, leave or both. Let the marketplace work this out.

  • Melissa

    Superintendents and Landlords should not get away with not giving tenants proper living essentials, we pay rent just like everyone else. The only way to get attention and noticed is by involving the government. Why should we have to leave our homes at a inconvenience and take days off from work to appear in court. .