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Stark’s partner “outraged” over claims of role in murder

January 07, 2014 05:35PM

In response to reports that police consider him a murder suspect, Israel Perlmutter – business partner to slain Brooklyn landlord Menachem Stark – said he is “angered and distraught by such a baseless allegation.”

“Mr. Perlmutter is outraged at any insinuation that he had anything to do with this unthinkable violent act against a dear friend and partner,” said his attorney, Henry Mazurek of Clayman & Rosenberg. 

Police investigators are closely watching Perlmutter’s activities because they believe he has been lying to them about Stark and has been using a Russian businessman as a scapegoat, a police source told the New York Daily News, as previously reported.

Perlmutter helped the police find surveillance footage that shows Stark’s abduction, Mazurek told the Algemeiner Journal, a Jewish newspaper. Stark was abducted from outside his Williamsburg office Thursday night, and his charred body was discovered in a Great Neck dumpster the next day.

Members of the real estate community have illustrated a complex image of the late developer[Algemeiner Journal]Mark Maurer

  • Mordy

    Do your job, instead of spewing hate to every media outlet. Shame on you for not apprehending the real criminals.
    All this spewing filth on the dead defenseless and his innocent partners, will not help your way out, for the failure of catching an abduction done literally under your noses-a block away from the 90th precinct.
    Apprehending the killers should be your sole intention. Not deflecting blame for not solving this crime,.

    • Brian Geary

      If Mr. Perlmutter is innocent, why is he lying to police? While we are on the subject, why did Stark’s brothers lie and say that the abductors were “big and black”?

      • adamc1303

        They were, there was a new video released today with closeups.

    • Harrison

      NYPD is doing a great job , they are looking inside the community for the perp, or perps who murdered stark.

  • Ghouliani

    Screwed the wrong person out of money, probably someone from within the community.