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Murdered developer Stark’s partner now a possible suspect in slaying

January 07, 2014 12:50PM

The investigation into the grisly murder of Williamsburg developer Menachem Stark has taken a dramatic turn, with his business partner Israel Perlmutter reportedly now considered a possible suspect in the case.

Police investigators are watching Perlmutter’s activities closely, a police source told the New York Daily News, because they are convinced he has been lying to them about Stark and has been using a Russian businessman as a scapegoat.

Detectives told the News that they believe Stark was squashed to death. “It might be that they sat on him to get him under control and that they wound up killing him that way,” a police source told the newspaper.

As the search for Stark’s killers continues, members of the real estate community are speaking out, illuminating a complex image of the late developer, as The Real Deal reported. [NYDN]Hiten Samtani

  • Jeff Putterman

    But this would mean a fellow Jew killed him, and it wasn’t an anti-semitic act or hate crime or random robbery. That would make all the Jews who spewed that nonsense look like goyisha kups.

    • Dave

      The only thing that was “spewed” is that the Daily News’s cover was antisemitic. Not that the murder itself was (for who can know?)…

      • Jeff Putterman

        You need to read more carefully before making a fool of yourself in public like you just did.

      • Brian Geary

        How are facts “anti-Semitic”? Many people wanted him dead, and the headline quoted a LE official.

    • putterthesucker

      and who drives those stupid minivans? the russian mafia?

      • David

        Pig, please go away

        • Jeff Putterman

          That’s not what your mother said. And she also didn’t say nice things about you.

          • David

            Jeff, what do you like more? riding your bicycle or being someone’s bicycle seat?

          • Jeff Putterman


            Your sense of humor sucks, like your mouth when your mommy calls for service.

            Go back under your rock, you piece of merde.

        • Brian Geary

          Why does the fact that so many Jewish people drive vans offend you? They have LARGE families. Of course they drive minivans.

      • Jeff Putterman

        Jews from the suburbs, and Jews from Brooklyn.

    • Oouch

      This is precisely the point I was making – the hysterical finger pointing at tenants when the word is that Stark and Perlmutter reportedly had millions ($39M+ whatever terms agreed) in loans outstanding, with the sources of those loans a bit more suspect than white glove primary liens. We’re not even talking mez. The psychosis of denial that Jews can harm one another is either rooted in the denial, or is at its root a lie spouted by criminals hiding in the falsity of religious pretense.

      • Jeff Putterman

        Bingo. Madoff stole all the money he did from fellow Jews.

        • Oouch

          Exactly. Look WWII saw a huge amount of this abominable and parasitic preying on desperate people trying to move their assets. We cannot even begin to go into it. Those who come out with this “self-hating Jew” garbage are usually the biggest goniffs in the temple.

  • A Seidenfeld

    This is so absurd, when was the last time you heard a Hasidic Jew killing anybody let alone another Jew. Ask anyone working or living near Hasidic jews this is the last thing they ever heard on Hasidic Jews.

    • Deborah Beaudoin-Zaki

      The small Orthodox boy walking home from school was murdered and dismembered by an Orthodox man a couple of years ago in NY. Or are you functioning in a world of denial?

    • Brian Geary

      Ask the Jew who was set on fire b/c he disobeyed his rabbi (in New Square a year or two ago). Ask the parents of the baby who had gasoline poured on her as her apartment was stormed into and torched b/c the father disobeyed the “modesty squad”. Ask the parents of Leiby Kletzky, killed and dismembered by a fellow Jew. Ask the family of the husband who was killed by a hitman hired by his orthodox wife. And on and on and on. Just b/c this “community” cries anti-semitism when Jewish crimes are published (like every other crime is) doesn’t mean the crimes don’t happen. It just means they aren’t as well-publicized.

      Oh, and how could you forget that Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was killed by Yigal Amir (an orthodox Jew)??

  • Very Interesting, Very Interesting,

    One needs to follow all Leads and everyone is a suspect.

    Before there was the “Oracle of Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli
    On Tweeter @vjmachiavelli

  • noclist

    Won’t be long before we see this on Law and Order.

  • Brian Geary

    I think it’s more likely they thought they could kill him without leaving DNA evidence behind as shooting or stabbing would. They lay in wait for him for weeks, stalking him. There’s no way they kidnapped him only to have tea.

  • D

    regardless of this murder, we can at least all agree that after these comments there are plenty of anti semites right here…

    • NYC_Disaster

      I bet you didn’t have a problem with some reports mentioning that the suspects could have been “Big Black Guys”….

  • crawford

    What a great hat!!