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Dolly Lenz faces off with Bond’s Freedman on Bitcoin: VIDEO

January 07, 2014 01:40PM

When it comes to the budding online currency Bitcoin serving as payment for real estate deals, BOND New York co-founder Noah Freedman and superbroker Dolly Lenz, who runs a namesake brokerage, are on opposite sides on the coin.

Freedman and other brokers at BOND accept Bitcoin for commissions on transactions. The exchange is “fast, easy and it’s cheap,” Freedman told CNBC, adding that there is no transfer fee or volatility risk. The broker sends an invoice to the seller at the point of closing or lease signing, and the seller pays the commission in the Bitcoin equivalence.

“If you buy Bitcoin on exchanges or deposit your money, you do pay a percentage,” Freedman said. “When you transfer money to me, there’s no charge.”

Lenz is hesitant to accept Bitcoin because she said she senses it has a dark side. If her sellers begin to accept it and the currency comes “into some vogue,” she said she would be willing to allow it. [CNBC]Mark Maurer

  • James Platton

    Noah Freedman is my hero. He just did the math on that $1.5M to Bitcoins in like a second.

  • Amit Soroush

    If I was the guy from Bond, the first thing I would ask Dolly would be, Do you even know what a Bitcoin is and how it works? Because I doubt that she knows what she is talking about.

    • realestater

      She does not know what a bitcoin is but I am sure she has her assistants and interns doing their research so that she can be featured in the next article that says “Dolly Lenz accepts bitcoin for penthouse sale”
      yadda yadda yadda

  • Anonymous

    Dolly ends up looking antiquated and thinking more of her (false) preconceived notions rather than of the convenience of the client. Noah at least is offering an option to clients if they choose to go the Bitcoin route.

  • Oouch

    Maybe Dolly doesn’t want to be associated with a medium that can be used as an intermediary step in laundering dirty money, perhaps, or the appearance of that sort of thing.