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Menachem Stark’s creditors may be behind killing: police

January 08, 2014 12:03PM

Menachem Stark’s brutal murder last week may have been masterminded by one of the many people whom he owed money to, according to police department sources.

Stark owed sums ranging from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and one of his creditors may have run out of patience, police sources said. The sources added that the two men who were hired to abduct and kill Stark may have been recruited from abroad.

Descriptions of the kidnappers, a source told the New York Post, “led us to believe that the suspects are not American. They could be from out of the country, possibly Europe.”

The newspaper has been excoriated for running a front-page story about Stark’s murder with the headline “Who didn’t want him dead?” as The Real Deal and others reported.

Stark’s partner Israel Perlmutter is also a possible suspect in the case, according to the Post, but Perlmutter said that any allegations about his role in the killing were baseless.  [NYP]  – Hiten Samtani

  • murlocs gurgle

    Every time, my father was posthumously maligned in the local papers, there was a run on the copies and it was not uncommon to have to go to more than one newsstand to find a copy for sale. The Chinese AND the American newspapers lied about my father as if we were just bait to see who believing impunity would side with the transgressors.

    • WannaBeLandlord

      What happen to your Dad? I have seen several of your post today. Sorry for your loss.

      • murlocs gurgle

        Not only was he murdered by Chinese organized crime but knowing that he was absolutely clean both the Chinatown and English language papers basically reported misrepresented him as who his killers actually were and they refused to print the name of his murderer so that it was not only a Voldemort “He Who Shall Not Be Named Situation” but it was maligning Voldemort’s murder victim as being Voldemort. They did this repeatedly for more than ten years and destroyed my mother and brother in the process. My father is now googlable as a CRIMINAL and a by product of that misrepresentation is that the other tenants show their true colors in how they ally with that rent control tenant even relaying messages that he promises to tear the flesh off my bones prompting us to submit a victim impact statement. My dad’s real friends who speak to who my father really was told my mother in a long distance phone call that the they think about her all the time and they are worried that she might be bullied. Well, that is exactly what has happened.