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Crown Heights landlord shocks tenants with LED lobby

January 11, 2014 01:00PM

 On Thursday, the residents of 786 St. John’s Place in Crown Heights woke to discover that their apartment building’s lobby had been transformed into a psychedelic celebration of freedom, complete with color changing neon LED lights and an eagle.

The management company, J Wasser & Co, which owns several other buildings in the area, didn’t return Gothamist’s calls or explain what inspired such a unique renovation.

“The entire building is entirely stunned,” building resident Daniel Kleinman told Gothamist. “We all think it’s the funniest most ridiculous thing ever. No one is sure if we actually like it, though.”

Kleinman add that before the renovation the lobby had been “green and gross” with “chunks of drywall missing.” [Gothamist]Christopher Cameron