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De Blasio considers four potential city planning heads

January 11, 2014 12:00PM

 Mayor Bill de Blasio is close to naming a new commissioner of city planning, a position that will be key to the mayor’s affordable housing agenda.

Thus far, four names are under consideration, according to Crain’s: Harriet Tregoning, the current director of city planning in Washington, D.C.; Anna Hayes Levin, a member of the City Planning Commission; former City Planning Commission member Karen Phillips; and Mitchell Silver, the head of city planning in Raleigh, N.C.

One of the more interesting potential picks is Tregoning, who is known for her “smart growth,” walkability and bike initiatives – Tregoning regularly bikes to work, according to Crian’s.

One source told Crian’s that Tregoning “has a real shot,” while others noted that as a New York City outsider, she might not possess the detailed understanding of NYC’s complicated land-use review procedure necessary for the job. [Crain’s] Christopher Cameron

  • Crian Bashman

    Why does NYC want to look like Washington DC? NYC isn’t about short fat buildings, its about skyscrapers. We are not going to dent our affordable housing issues if we continue to be afraid of tall buildings.

    • murlocs gurgle

      We should ask nonsubzidized working families who commute to work basic jobs in Queens from Brooklyn how they feel about footing the bill for more subsidies. No one covers their medical care or housing and they are long term gainfully employed.

    • murlocs gurgle

      We should build on top of schools and post offices and use those rents to carry public schools.

      • murlocs gurgle

        there’s no point in being mean and unwelcoming to deep pocketed out of towners who can afford high maintenance fees – they can protect this city from going the way of Detroit AND give the poorer townies a big boost – we should be sincerely grateful.

  • murlocs gurgle

    Wow, he looks so different with facial hair. I think I actually passed by the new mayor walking with my rent control tenant years ago on Mott Street!

  • murlocs gurgle

    Did we make any money with those citibikes? like death by cabbie was offset by antiobesity benefits? I don’t understand why we make such a big deal about Housing other than the claim that the majority of tenants (even if they also own “second” homes) will vote against anyone who isn’t pro-regulated renters. Definitely, pro-regulated renter groups are the squeakiest wheels prone to the most toxic verbal abuse against anyone who dares to disagree with them and endanger their funding but are we actually helping a lot of people out by creating MORE subsidized tenants? Maybe we should give more money to schools so the kids can grow up and not NEED subsidized housing. Maybe we can get adults into those same computer programs so they can turn their lives around and earn more so they don’t need subsidized housing either ….