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East Side Access further delayed, won’t hit 2019 finish date

January 13, 2014 06:25PM

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s East Side Access project, which aims to connect Long Island Rail Road commuters to a new 350,000-square-foot concourse at Grand Central Terminal, is yet again behind schedule and over budget.

MTA officials revealed the project’s beleaguered status in a New York State Assembly Committee on Corporations, Authorities and Commissions hearing Friday. Asked for an estimated cost and completion date, Craig Stewart, senior director of capital programs for the MTA, said the project is “slipping a little bit further and could cost more.”

At last count, the project had an estimated cost of $8.3 billion and a projected completion date of 2019. Originally, the plan was to have LIRR trains in Grand Central by 2009, to the tune of $4.3 billion.

“We don’t think we’ll make 2019,” Stewart sad at the hearing, according to Newsday.

The project has hit a number of snags over the years, including problems with contractors and unexpected engineering difficulties. At Friday’s hearing, Stewart said the MTA has now hired a consultant with outside “expertise that we don’t necessarily have,” in an effort to speed up the project and lower the cost.

“It’s discouraging,” William Henderson, executive director of the MTA’s Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee, told Newsday. “I mean, you talk to people on Long Island and they say, ‘I’m never going to ride this thing. I’m going to be retired before it happens.”

The Second Avenue subway line has been similarly delayed and is presently clocking in at a cost of $351 million. The first phase of the project, including the opening of a new station at East 96th Street, is slated to be up and running by December 2016 and will connect to stops at East 86th and 72nd streets. [Newsday]Julie Strickland

  • Conscience_of_a_conservative

    Maybe they should let Donald Trump build it. Honestly the gov’t completes any projects on time or under budget. The project may have benefits but we citizens never get our money’s worth.

  • MorrisMountjoy

    What does it reason for the delayed of east side Project?

  • David

    Government & Unions team together with their handpicked businesses to give us all a wonderful screwing

  • sandhog

    As a member of local 147 and a person that has worked on the grand central project I can assure you that the project will not be completed in 2019/20/21/22 and so on.
    The contractors that won the bid to complete the work have either under bid or paid to much to get the contract, they are stalling the job, refusing to hire more men to do the work and refusing to put on extra shifts.
    Micheals contracting. Superior shotcrete and the water proofing company, all out of state contractors, you should be ashamed of yourselfs.