New NYC office designs put common areas first

January 16, 2014 01:40PM

New York City companies are increasingly adopting an open-plan office design, with Architects designing more conference rooms and telephone areas to ramp up communal space.

Mitchell Konsker, executive vice chairman of Jones Lang LaSalle, said companies are boosting office amenities by 30 percent. That refers to larger open cafes and meeting spaces – also known as “Touch Down” zones.

Associates’ private offices have shrunk to 10-by-12 feet or 9.5-by-11 feet, instead of 12-by-15.

And these days, corporations are more likely to use corner offices as meeting rooms instead of housing their executives. The office spaces are also being designed with more open or cantilevered ceilings and an overall industrial style.

“Its a buy into [the idea] by senior executives that goes towards increasing efficiencies and driving down operating costs,” Konsker told the New York Post. “For every deal I am looking at, the companies are looking at their space studies and they are still compressing the size of their standards, and that affects the bottom line.” [NYP] — Mark Maurer