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Tenants at LeFrak-owned building mull suits over repairs, heat

January 20, 2014 01:20PM

Tenants of Gateway Plaza in Battery Park City are weighing the possibilities of a lawsuit or rent strike over the lack of repairs, including several broken heating units and windows. The six-building rental complex is owned by the LeFrak Organization.

LeFrak vowed to make heating repairs in the building, located at 345-395 South End Avenue, by last month. But the landlord has yet to install new windows and make insulation repairs for most of the total 3,500 units. Glenn Plaskin, president of the Gateway tenants’ association, said he is in talks to file a lawsuit against the landlord for allegedly violating a city Rent Guidelines Board rule that requires a “livable, safe and sanitary apartment,” be maintained for tenants.

Tenants at the complex filed a lawsuit in 2012 over a ban on certain dog breeds and a pet-ownership fee. Later that year, the Gateway removed almost every restriction on dogs at the complex. [Curbed]Mark Maurer

  • Resident Guest

    Anyone remember Charlie Rangel and the two apartments (in a rent stabilized building) scandal a few years ago? Well, maybe after this lawsuit goes nowhere the Plaskin of the tenant’s association will have a third apartment, in addition to the two he already has. Did he get the second apartment as a result of another suit? … Hey, wait a sec, what am I, an investigative journalist?

  • Damon

    It is interesting that the Tenants Association spent all their political capital protecting the rights of pets (current AND future) within days, and yet have still not managed to address the windows and heating units for 20 years. LeFrak is clearly in the wrong here and I wonder how they can continue to market their apartments given these situations, but the Tenent’s Association should be focused on what is important for EVERYONE.