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Anthony Weiner blasts Citi Habitats broker

January 22, 2014 05:41PM

A Citi Habitats broker who spoke to the press about Anthony Weiner’s search for a cheaper apartment in Gramercy Park was bashed by the formal mayoral candidate on Wednesday.

After showing Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, a three-bedroom rental at 340 East 23rd Street with an asking price of $8,000, broker Brian Morgan told the New York Post all about the tour for Page Six, according to the New York Observer.

When the story came out, Weiner took to Twitter, blasting Morgan as a “no-class broker.” In his defense, Morgan told the Observer that he would never call Page Six about a client, which Weiner is not. But the onetime U.S. Congressman wasn’t very forgiving.

“He’s right,” Weiner told the Observer in an email. “He had no obligation not to be a slimey broker. I’m sure he is a perfect representative of the values at Citi Habitats.” Weiner currently rents a four-bedroom pad at 254 Park Avenue for between $12,000 and $14,000 per month, reports show. [NYO] — Angela Hunt

  • Jerk Schmilk


  • alex

    really Anthony W – you saying someone has no class is like saying Kim Kardashian has talent – shame also on the broker for even working with you –

  • David

    This agent is an idiot. He should have kept his mouth shut. I have always hated Anthony Weiner for his politics and as a person but he is right this time and the agent has no defense. I’s never hire this agent to work for me or to show me property.

  • Justina

    Stupid broker/sales agent. Gives us all a bad name. I don’t care for Weiner either, but my job is not to judge him, my responsibility is to just do my job, and make my commission. That’s it!

  • Tony’s Biggest Fan

    I guess missing roll call in Congress and sending selfies of his Johnson represents a higher grade of Human Bring. Sorry Tony, you are a parasitic loathsome viper and you always will be! WORK is just another four letter word to you. Tell your wife to sell some ass-ets and you’ll be back to living large and stalking online. Carlos Danger Lives!

    • Char4Dew

      But this is not a political site. It is a RE site.and the broker was just a name dropper, with a prayer to attract a big name, or berate someone who is sizing down.
      ONCE UPON A TIME REBNY KEPT THE INDUSTRY HONORABLE to bad they became non other then lobbyists. :(:(:(
      OR perhaps some of the BS that goes on would not….

      • dumass

        REBNY is the worst, yet my firm makes me pay for it. every agent has to sign up, which is almost reason enough for me to leave.

        • Char4Dew

          Sadly it is no different than Mafia
          “Pay up or else”
          and the agents suck up to it gleefully.. YUK!

  • Char4Dew

    Actually CH never had a honorable name.
    They did have market shares.

  • wienerclass

    hi pot, this is kettle