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Americans are leaving New Jersey faster than any other state

New York ranked third
By Business Insider | January 26, 2014 09:00AM

 New Jersey has now taken the top spot among states that saw net outbound moves for three of the past four years, according to United Van Lines.

The Garden State registered 63.5 percent of its total moves as outbound, compared with just 36.5 percent inbound.

The trend predates Superstorm Sandy, which hit in October 2012. United’s data show Jersey has been in the top 3 since at least 2006 — and in fact has seen net outbound moves each of the past 37 years.

Here’s Jersey’s “outbound” migration ranking history for the past few years –

2013 – 1
2012 – 1
2011 – 2
2010 – 1
2009 – 3
2008 – 3
2007 – 3
2006 – 3

Illinois and New York came in second and third for greatest percentage of outbound moves in 2013.

  • LarrylikesWarrenWilhelm

    All Inbound are Republican Red states, low union presence, low Democrat welfare/tax/spend policies, low social legislation. All the outbounds are Democratic Blue states, high union presence, high Democrat welfare/tax/spend policies, high social legislation. ( And yes even though Gov. Traffic Lane is Republican, NJ is a very Democratic state.). Despite this evidence to the contrary, the public in the out bound states keeps doing the wrong things over and over again, and we can thank the real estate community for shoveling cash at Democrats like Cuomo and pandering to DeBlasio. When will the real estate community realize they are hurting themselves and everyone else by their slavish devotion to Democrats?

    • truestate

      NC and SC are full of retired NYC workers.
      I’d avoid those states for that reason.
      Does more people make a state better?

      • Oouch

        Yeah, better for getting shot at, having mandatory vaginal probes, and an overpopulation of not terribly bright gun fodder for sending off to corporate global adventures seeking to grab oil assets.

    • Causation and correlation are different things.

    • Oouch

      Such comments are 180º wrong. Move outs are motivated by age demographics, retirement, fixed budgets. Yes more move outs tend to be FOX watching republican retirees. Does that make the states that they’re moving out of have a higher percentage of democrats? For $50 genius. Think it’s the billionaires moving the % needle on the moveout stats? The 1% of the 1%? Your analysis is weak and your perspective is skewed. The real estate community backs all the horses, even the horses asses, because if you back every horse you can’t lose a race. In the recent race DeBlasio won by 74%. What kind of idiot would bet against that for their industry? Real estate is selfishly devoted to having a dog in the game.

  • Carnegie

    Many retirees are looking for more tax friendly places to call home on paper, but will still maintain a “presence” in their old home state. NY state has lost many wealthy residents because. the state income tax is so high.