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Menachem Stark’s blood, DNA found in abandoned van: cops

January 29, 2014 10:45AM

Slain Brooklyn landlord Menachem Stark’s blood and DNA were found inside a van they believe was used to abduct him earlier this month, according to a police department source.

On January 2, Stark was accosted outside his Williamsburg office and shoved into a Dodge Caravan. His charred corpse was found in Great Neck the following day, And Police Found The Vehicle On A Brownsville Street a week later.

Police are investigating a former contractor to whom Stark owed about $20,000 as a possible suspect in the murder, the New York Post reported.

Stark owed several million dollars to multiple creditors and was the subject of multiple lawsuits. And while some tenants remembered him as a kind and generous landlord, others said he was an out-and-out slumlord. [NYP]Hiten Samtani 

  • name the slumlord accusers

    I think contractors would just sabotage their work if you didn’t pay up. It’s the nature of the business to leave something leftover that they have to come back and fix (after they get paid in full – lol). I think it is so unrealistic to claim without evidence that a working contractor who has other jobs to be worried about would bother putting hands on someone and harming them.

    Ultimately, this is about someone invading the victim’s physical privacy and harming them to the point of murdering them. That takes an uncommon level of malevolence and rudeness because you are touching someone uninvited and Menachem Stark does not look like someone who would have regular dealings with someone that insidious. Don’t think that because a contractor knows how to wield a hammer that he is uncivilized or prone to violence at all. They’re usually not – they’re usually good guys who are on the receiving end of physical harm because of the nature of the business – that does not translate into inflicting harm on others.

  • closeouts

    Finally some civility
    “”while some tenants remembered him as a kind and generous landlord, others said he was an out-and-out slumlord.””

  • today

    today i saw one of these frauds park in midtown, slide a handicap poster on the windshield and walk out of the car just fine…. it never ends.

  • Kloimenes

    So was Joel Kestenbaum arrested ?