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Extell pays $308M for Frank Ring’s stake in 13 buildings

By Adam Pincus | January 31, 2014 06:00PM

Gary Barnett’s Extell Development paid $308.2 million for Frank Ring’s 50 percent stake in 13 buildings, mostly located in Midtown South, city records show. The acquisition was announced in October when the contract was signed but the price had not been revealed.

Ring and his brother Michael each owned a 50 percent stake in those 13 properties, as well as each owning a 25 percent stake in an additional building, 251 Park Avenue South. Along with their father Leo, they built up the portfolio over several decades before Leo died in 1998.

The most expensive of the 50 percent stakes in buildings was the 184,890-square-foot 212 Fifth Avenue, which sold for $90 million. That was followed by the stake in the 46,600-square-foot 331 Park Avenue South, for $34 million, then the 56,200-square-foot 114 East 25th Street and the 150,000-square-foot 119 West 24th Street, which each sold for $30 million.

The least expensive property was a 50 percent stake in 23 West 24th Street, which Extell bought for $2.5 million. The transfer in the 13 buildings was completed January 13.

Extell and Ring announced in October that Extell reached an agreement to buy Ring’s stake in a 14-building package but the price was not revealed at the time. The 14th building was 251 Park Avenue South, however that transfer has not appeared on city records yet.

It was a short road for Barnett, who inked the contract with Frank on Oct. 7, but many other real estate operators tried and failed to win control of the package.

Joseph Tabak of Princeton Holdings with partners including his brother Eli Tabak signed a contract in 2011 to pay $112.5 million for a controlling interest in Michael Ring’s 50 percent stake in the portfolio, which then was 14 buildings. But Michael sought to back out, and fought them for years in court.

Barnett purchased Tabak’s contract to buy Michael’s stake for $64 million in June, and Michael Ring transferred his interests to a series of entities that are co-owned by Barnett’s Extell Development that month, city records show.

On the same day in January that Barnett purchased Frank’s stake, Barnett borrowed $315 million from Deutsche Bank, in one of the largest deals of the last 12 months. That loan is secured only by a 50 percent interest in each of the 13 properties, not on a full stake in each building.

Extell, as well as Frank and Michael Ring, did not respond to requests for comment.

The Observer first reported that some buildings in the portfolio sold but did not report a sale price for the entire package.

  • WannaBeLandlord

    If I’m reading this correctly Extell paid $308m for Frank Rings 50% stake. Barnett borrowed $315m using the 50% stake as collateral. That is a 102% LTV mortgage Deutsche Bank underwrote. Kudos to Gary if this is reported correctly as he got closing cost money plus the mortgage from Ze Germans. I guess Deutsche Bank considers no equity loans prudent financial debt. They sure did back last decade in the residential arena.

    • Sol Goldman

      What are you talking about….Want to be, to be and am landlord are all different. You are the bottom totem

      • WannaBeLandlord

        Who are you? I doubt you are the late great land baron Sol Goldman.

    • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re


  • AlbertEinstein

    Ridiculous! I’m sure Frank is not crying, but he really is the main reason why nothing ever occurred at any of the buildings. He is an honest, blunt man, but that does not make him intelligent. He royally screwed himself, his brother, and his fathers legacy. He had offers just on 212 5th,that a young broker who worked with Michael submitted. Offers from Ian Schrager – $130mn, HFZ – $110mn, and Michael tried to negotiate a buyout purchase too; What a shame! That building along with the Park Ave South property are flawless locations, they all are stellar! Frank i hope you read this and realize your stubbornness and relentless insulting, with your back and forth demeanor, handed Extell your fathers hard work, blood and sweat on a silver platter. Leo Ring left the portfolio to you and your brother to turn it into something extraordinary, and because of you Frank and you alone you failed!

    • LizLemon

      WOW! Everyone knows the Ring story. Michael is a GEM and Frank makes you want to rip your hair out! I work with one of those firms who submitted an offer to Frank on 212, he was and still is crazy! But good for Extell they are gonna build something beautiful over there.

      • AlbertEinstein

        Agreed Liz! Extell is gonna kill it!

      • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

        why was he crazy? did he not call you back?

  • marknroses

    NoMad is about to explode in value with Extell taking over these derelict properties! Frank Ring was keeping the area down with his shoddy managerial and ownership style. If he was a resi-landlord, he would be in jail now.

  • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

    308 is a nice price plus the 74 that his brother got is CLOSE to the valuation of half a billion but maybe he felt it was an undervaluation.

    I wonder how he feels about being badmouthed.