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Rothschild mistress and daughter sue condo board for $6M

February 01, 2014 10:00AM

 The ex-mistress of Baron de Rothschild and their illegitimate daughter have filed a $6 million lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court against the condo board of their luxury Turtle Bay home.

In 2006, the mother-and-daughter — Parisian antique dealer Ariane Dandois and Ondine de Rothschild — purchased two penthouse apartments for a total of $12.9 million at 310 East 53rd Street. They then spent another $5 million to combine and renovate the units, which totaled 5,500 square feet, according to the New York Daily News.

However, their plans to put trees, planters and gravel across their 3,500-square-foot outdoor space were blocked by condo board president David Goss.

“[The condo board] engaged in a blatant campaign to harass, discriminate against and single out [the plaintiffs] by unreasonably refusing to approve its landscaping plans for many years,” the lawsuit said.

Goss, head of UOB Global Capital, did not return the Daily News’ calls for comment. [NYDN]Christopher Cameron

  • Victor

    It’s so nice living in NYC where someone with small mind and shmeckle wields power over you like some Nazi/Communist but this is NYC. Walk into any starbucks and look at the little boogar who grabs the big chair and sits in it all day trying to act important. He will be the next president of your condo board, unless it’s a bully running his own money management firm.


    Ah…the problems of rich white babymommas.

  • statist

    Think about it….”Gravel… trees… water….”
    That’s a LOT of weight on the roof of the building….
    So, maybe the Condo Board is not as unreasonable
    as you might think!