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Another delay? SUNY pushes back hospital sale

Joseph Chetrit may be disqualified from bidding on LICH
February 06, 2014 10:12AM

SUNY Downstate Medical Center has further delayed the months-long process to sell its struggling Long Island College Hospital complex in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill neighborhood.

SUNY officials told prospective buyers Wednesday evening that a planned final presentation that buyers were to make to SUNY’s board of trustees today would be pushed back to a date yet to be determined.

Last week, SUNY requested best and final offers for the complex, which is valued at about $270 million, according to Crain’s. The five bidders in the reckoning include developer Don Peebles; a partnership between Brooklyn Hospital and the Related Companies; another partnership between Fortis Property Group and NYU Langone Medical Center; Brisa Builders and Joe Chetrit; and a group called the Chinese Community Accountable Care Organization, according to the magazine.

Chetrit and Brisa may be disqualified, however, after it was revealed Wednesday that they had falsely claimed that two hospitals were joining them in the bid, according to the magazine. [Crain’s]  – Hiten Samtani

  • bkNative

    Crain’s reports that some bidders are going LICH’s poor community to seek support for their proposals to close LICH. Neighbors report that bidders are promising jobs. All the people have to do is announce support for closing their hospital. That’s sick. Disadvantaged people being forced to choose between possibility of a job & losing access to their hospital & healthcare. Outrageous & Despicable

  • Simon Adams

    Fortis will be the next to get disqualified after some due diligence is done on who the shady ex cons are behind Fortis. So then all is left are two bidders, that’s a very small market for this site to be sold at arms length in a place like NYC.

  • Maik Obermuller

    NEW4 hours ago

    Question) What is the community that LICH serves like? Why are they fighting so hard and will they really have no health care if LICH closes?

    1) According to the US Census the averageadjsted gross income for this area was $100,193 as of 2004. Got to be a amazing number by 2014. The average NYS agi was $59,519. The area around LICH not like we may imagine Brooklyn. This is an extremly affluent area.

    2) Estimated median condo price 2011 was 2.5 million dollars. To live in this area one MUST have some serious assets.

    3) Health and Human Services HHS has determined that LICH does NOT support a underserved population.

    This is an area where many feel entitled and have demanded LICH stay open and NYS and SUNY pay for a hospital that is underused and loosing money badly. They have gotten a public advocate to help file legal action(s) to keep LICH open. Was this the focus of the public advocate and new mayor to support the actions of the rich? Do we ONLY support the RICH?

    Question) Well this is okay as NYS will pay anyway?

    Answer) No, SUNY is suffering and student who can least afford to pay this debt will foot this bill in the long run. Students who often do not have two nickles to rub together may have to borrow more loans to help foot this bill. This so a very affluent area can have LICH open. In the end of average Joe will foot the bill for an area where their condos average 2.5 million dollars.

    Many of the community groups have attempted to twist the facts to make them look like victums. The rich are never ever victums folks. This is a deal that NEVER should have happened. It did so we all have to find a viable solution. It is time for the very rich community groups to give up a leagl battle for the average guy to pay for the suer RICH. Health care will never ever suffer for the wealthy. It will suffer for the average guy and the poor and disadvantaged of Brooklyn. Lets not pour money down a drain for the RICH, lets help the regular folks of Brooklyn.

    Have we become a city for only the RICH and what they demand?

    • Guest

      This hospital serves redhook more then any other are what are you talking about

      • Statistics Man

        The hospital reports to Health and Human Services HHS, then you can look it up and see. Based on 5 criteria HHS use to evaluate it LICH does not serve an underserved population! You look it up based on address, and places next door can be different and get different results based on the data. You do not say oh well I am sure LICH gets Red Hook patients and that is that. Health and Human Services goes by facts/data that are submitted. Antidotal stories do not make it true.