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Long Island College Hospital woes could gore SUNY Downstate

February 07, 2014 02:40PM

Faltering attempts to close, sell and revamp the site of Brooklyn’s troubled Long Island College Hospital could pull the state’s flagship Brooklyn hospital down as well, politicians warn.

The ongoing legal battle and resulting money vacuum has placed the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center in East Flatbush in jeopardy, pols said at a Thursday event at the Saint Lucia House. When the state assumed control of Cobble Hill’s LICH in 2011, the fate of SUNY Downstate Medical Center became tied to the hospital’s outcome, according to state representatives. University trustees now say that a sale of the site, which is currently valued at around $500 million, may not be enough to stem the hemorrhaging of cash.

“Even if we execute a sale of the property that yields the appraised value, SUNY will still be left with a gap of at least $300 million,” Robert Haelen, interim chief financial officer for the board of trustees, said at the meeting.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent budget proposal would cut public teaching hospital funding by as much as half, union officials allege, according to published reports. Mayor Bill de Blasio is seeking a waiver that would enable the spending of $10 billion in Medicaid funds to aid troubled hospitals all over New York. [Brooklyn Paper]Julie Strickland

  • Maik Obermuller

    NEW4 hours ago
    Question) What is the community that LICH serves like? Why are they fighting so hard and will they really have no health care if LICH closes?
    1) According to the US Census the averageadjsted gross income for this area was $100,193 as of 2004. Got to be a amazing number by 2014. The average NYS agi was $59,519. The area around LICH not like we may imagine Brooklyn. This is an extremly affluent area.
    2) Estimated median condo price 2011 was 2.5 million dollars. To live in this area one MUST have some serious assets.
    3) Health and Human Services HHS has determined that LICH does NOT support a underserved population.
    This is an area where many residents feel entitled and have demanded LICH stay open and NYS and SUNY pay for a hospital that is underused and loosing money badly. They have gotten a public advocate to help file legal action(s) to keep LICH open. Was this the focus of the public advocate and new mayor to support the actions of the rich? Do we ONLY support the RICH?
    Question) Well this is okay as NYS will pay anyway?
    Answer) No, SUNY is suffering and student(s) who can least afford to pay, will pay this debt in the long run. Students who often do not have two nickles to rub together may have to borrow more loans to help foot increases passed onto their bills. This so a very affluent area can have LICH open. In the end of average Joe will foot the bill for an area where their condos average 2.5 million dollars.
    Many of the community groups have attempted to twist the facts to make them look like victums. The rich are never ever victums folks. This is a deal that NEVER should have happened. It did so we all have to find a viable solution. It is time for the very rich community groups to give up a leagl battle for the average guy to pay for the suer RICH. Health care will never ever suffer for the wealthy. It will suffer for the average guy and the poor and disadvantaged of Brooklyn. Lets not pour money down a drain for the RICH, lets help the regular folks of Brooklyn.
    Have we become a city for only the RICH and what they demand?

    • Guest

      Which propsal do you think is the best. chinese hospital?

    • bj

      More SUNY lies from a flack who doesnt even live in Brooklyn. LICH serve a huge swath of northwestern brooklyn, from red hook to williamsbrg to downtown brooklyn. Many of these areas are more than a half hour away from the next closest hospital especially during rush hour

      • The Turuth

        Dude stop the lies 2-3 minutes to Brooklyn Hospital. LICH does not serve the world because you say so. .