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Police Academy vacates longtime Gramercy Park space

February 11, 2014 06:19PM

The New York City Police Department’s Police Academy, a longtime resident of Gramercy Park will have to return its key. After years of Planning The Police Academy Will Move From East 20th Street to College Point, Queens — and it’s unclear what will become of the Police Academy’s building at 235 East 20th Street, near Third Avenue.

Community Board 6 wants a school in the space, at 235 East 20th Street, near Third Avenue. But the city’s department of Education, which owns the building, said that seems unlikely.

“We’re aware of the space and of the community board’s interest in a school at this location,” DOE spokesperson Devon Puglia told DNAinfo. “We just opened a new school in the neighborhood this year [P.S. 281], but we’ll continue to monitor enrollment trends in the area.” [DNAinfo] — Guelda Voien

  • Get it?

    Do cops get special dispensation for affordable housing?
    Shouldn’t they?

    I have a tenant who has a badge but hands his key over to an apartment associated with murders and then tells the murdered landlord’s daughter that he bets that her father was probably a criminal who deserved what he got. That’s not something you say to John Gotti’s daughter but that is something you say to an innocent victim’s daughter with no fear of retaliation.

    • hanjian abound in Chinatown

      There is a huge problem with inaction with regard to people in possession of law enforcement badges who side with known criminal elements even if they claim that they can’t be sure that the victims aren’t criminals themselves.

      COINCIDENTALLY, someone says it even better:

      “It is little wonder that people compare a Japan with rampant right-wing
      elements to an unrepentant, fully armed criminal returning to the
      community. The neighborhood is left with no choice but to grasp their
      bats in self defense and prepare for the worst.”

      What kind of person nevermind if they have a badge SIDES with the gangsters? A community leader? a crime PREVENTION advocate? Innocent tailors and illegal commercial kitchen operators?

      • who has coveted China(towns)?

        does a neighborhood who rallies around the murderers even protecting them in the press like Deatheaters repressing the publishing of Voldemort’s name in the local newspapers – does that neighborhood keep its mandate? Does it deserve to exist?

        Do we have another dying without assistance neighborhood to serve as an example?