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Connecticut community lures New Yorkers

Median listing prices hover around $390K in Trumbull, Conn.
February 17, 2014 06:19PM

Trumbull, Conn. — at a mere 90 minutes from New York City — is the next small-town locale beckoning expat New Yorkers.

With real estate prices lower than many of its Fairfield County neighbors, the town is a draw both for its plentiful green space and its relative affordability. The median listing price of $390,000 as of December  2013 is a far cry from the state’s priciest listing at $140 million —

More than 1,600 acres of parkland, including preserves with natural hiking trails, golf courses and landscaped parks abound in Trumball, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“I often describe Trumbull as the community in Fairfield County where you get the most bounce for your buck — the housing price is more affordable and you get the same quality of services you would get,” in nearby, pricier towns, Timothy Herbst, the town’s first selectman, told the Journal. “The quality of life here is just superb.”

The town has no direct train link to New York City, but the Metro North station in nearby Bridgeport is roughly 15 minutes away.

“There’s a lot of acreage and open space,” Pat Walker, a Coldwell Banker broker who has lived in Trumbull since 2002, told the Journal. “It’s suburban, but it still feels like a small town — you still see everybody you know.” [WSJ]Julie Strickland

  • realposter

    Huh? Strange title… ppl from the city have been moving up there for a long time… It’s nothing new.

  • Victor

    I stopped being a tool and doing such a friggen shlep years ago. This is not living. If you’re lucky enough not to have an accident or some disease and manage to get to say 75-85 then you still should not spend your life doing such a commute. I’m a drop out. Thank heavens.