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Landlords make emission statement, set carbon goal: OPINION

Ten firms commit to substantial reduction in greenhouse gases
February 17, 2014 11:20AM

The real estate industry has been taking the lead on the city’s effort to reduce carbon emissions, as 10 property-management firms have vowed to participate.

The undisclosed firms said they will reduce emissions from their portfolios of multi-family residential property by roughly 30 percent over the next decade. They plan to select a total of 200 multi-family buildings that collectively comprise 20,000 units.

“These first 10 firms are paving the way for others in the multifamily sector, wrote architect Laurie Kerr and Angela Pinsky, senior vice president of management services and government affairs for the Real Estate Board of New York, in an op-ed article in Crain’s. “The more who join in, the more we can rein in housing costs, improve public health and make New York City a more sustainable place to live.”

Pinsky and Kerr said this will allow buildings to save money on energy bills and maintenance fees. [Crain’s]Mark Maurer

  • Green is Better

    Step one should be to reduce the legal minimum from 68 degrees to 65 degrees. There is absolutely no reason to require landlords to keep apartments so warm that people can walk around their apartments all day in their underwear. It’s the winter PUT ON A SWEATER!!!!

    Cutting the legal minimum by just 3 degrees makes a huge difference in the amount of oil burned.

    • Victor

      Libtards will be angry with what you just said