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Tenant claims Bishop Findlayter was a slumlord

Claims pastor "didn't want to fix anything" in Bed-Stuy building he owned
February 17, 2014 03:11PM

Bishop Orlando Findlayter, a friend of Mayor Bill de Blasio, was a slumlord, a former tenant alleges.

The bishop, who served on the Mayor’s inaugural committee, owned two apartment buildings in Bedford-Stuyesant and Crown Heights, Brooklyn, from which he booted at least ten people, according to public records cited by the New York Post. Tenants at the Bed-Stuy building, located at 726a Quincy Street, owed Findlayter a total of $21,967. But one ex-resident alleges he owed money only because he refused to pay up until critical repairs were made.

“There was a rail coming up to the building that everybody complained about that he refused to fix,” Jason Brewster, who lived in the Quincey Street building with his two young children and fiancĂ©e until he was evicted for owing $3,800, told the Post. “You could potentially fall and injure yourself.”

Brewster dubbed Findlayter a “slumlord” for the lack of repair, adding:

“Bottom line was he didn’t want to fix anything. We owed money because we refused to pay any more.”

Findlayter booted seven tenants from his Quincy Street building in Bed-Stuy and another three from his Crown Heights property on Bergen Street, according to records cited by the Post. But he accumulated a sizable debt after taking out a $253,000 Mortgage For The Quincy Street property in 1998. In 2001, the bishop filed for bankruptcy protection.

Findlayter did not respond to the Post’s calls requesting comment. He bowed out of a press conference at which he’d previously said he’d address the controversy surrounding a recent arrest for a traffic violation and other open warrants. [NYP]Julie Strickland

  • Guest

    This seems to be a little mud-slinging, in my opinion, on the part of The Real Deal. This is because, quite impartially, you have a tenant who gets booted for owing $21K+ on Quincy St., which is equal to a couple years of rent, because of an “unfixed rail,” but no evidence that this was reported through proper means (dept. of buildings, etc.). Plus, it is fair journalism to ask for comment from those being reported on, is it not? Perhaps the 10 people who were booted didn’t pay their rent for years. After all, is that not cause for eviction? Just my two cents. This is “digging”. Slumlord usually refers to more extremely egregious things than evicting a number of people (and if they were evicted, wouldn’t a judge have to rule on it?).

  • sick of mischaracterizations

    Break out the sodium pentothal and I’ll stake my “slumlord” against any Weeping Angel tenant in the building.

    Let’s begin a new era of sticktoitiveness in regaling readers with the sins of NYC’s slumlords. Let’s research both the accusers and the slumlords and see everything warts and all because if you love maligning someone SO MUCH that a total stranger can walk up to someone’s daughter on the street and tell her what an arsonist and insurance fraudster her mother is, then you should have NO PROBLEM putting your big beautiful face and your words for all the world to see.