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New housing agency commish’s home investigated by mistake

Inspectors arrived at Housing Preservation and Development commissioner Vicki Been's house after a clerical error
February 17, 2014 03:53PM

Buildings Department inspectors got their addresses mixed up last week when they went to investigate the newly appointed Housing Preservation and Development commissioner’s home by mistake.

The inspectors showed up at Vicki Been’s West Village townhouse at 230 West 11th Street to look into a Fire Department complaint regarding an “illegal conversion” that was meant for West 111th Street.

The surprise visitors even left a notice on the front door, according to the New York Post. The complaint was dismissed after the Post called the Department of Buildings.

In unrelated news regarding the new commish, Been was recently found to have ties to developers whose projects will likely come across her desk this year, as The Real Deal previously reported. [NYP] –– Angela Hunt