Trump to a top adviser: “You’re fired”

February 17, 2014 08:09AM

Donald Trump fired one of his top aides and political consultants last week after a negative news story about the developer was published online.

Sam Nunberg told the New York Post that Trump would not accept his resignation. The aide had urged him to do an interview for a Buzzfeed article chronicling his political efforts. The story on Buzzfeed ran just days after the Donald announced at a Republican fundraiser last week he will run for governor if there is no Republican primary, as previously reported.

“This is not unfair, honestly,’’ the 32-year-old Upper East Side resident said. “I failed Mr. Trump, and that’s the long and short of it.”

Trump said he agreed to the interview as a courtesy, after Nunberg told him he was confident the story would be fair.

“But I said to Sam, ‘If this guy writes a fair story, that’s fine. But if he writes a wise-guy story, you’ll be fired.’ And I said to Sam, ‘OK?’ And Sam said, ‘OK.’ ’’ Trump told the Post. [NYP]Mark Maurer