Facebook’s Parker roasts NY Post for covering “FiOSGate”

Company cofounder irked by story about Internet installation at his West Village home
February 24, 2014 12:38PM

Billionaire cofounder of Facebook Sean Parker is steamed over media coverage of his quarrel with his West Village neighbors.

The New York Post published a story last week about complaints from residents near Parker’s home at 40 West 10th Street. Parker’s neighbors accused him of plowing snow into the middle of the street and having cars towed so Verizon could install FiOS internet.

The Post went so far as to nickname the dust-up “FiOSGate.” Parker then responded by sending an angry email to the publication, lambasting Nick Denton and his Gawker website Valleywag, which first reported the story.

“You probably feel as though Nick Denton, with his reputation as a legendary muckraker, a real Bob Woodward type, leaves you no choice but to jump on every scoop that he and his team of misfit mini-me’s manage to break at Gawker,” the email read. “If you didn’t fast-follow, you’d risk being left in the dust by the frenzied pace with which he and his deranged little elves can churn out under-reported, nonsensical, lowbrow bulls - - t.”

Parker claims he was not responsible for the installation, Which Has Left The Street looking like a “Middle East battlefield” according to one neighbor who spoke to Gawker. [NYP] – Angela Hunt