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Rabbi Pinto told NYPD to arrest aide’s rival, lawsuit claims

More legal troubles for embattled rabbi as hedge fund manager files suit
February 25, 2014 11:28AM

New York City real estate adviser Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto urged a New York Police Department detective to arrest the business rival of his top aide, according to a civil lawsuit filed by the rival last week.

A police detective allegedly said he would release Tomer Shohat, a rival businessman to Pinto aide Ben Zion Suky, on the condition that Shohat provide a computer that contained information Shohat had collected on alleged misconduct by Suky. An attorney for the business rival said Shohat, apparently a hedge fund manager, is attempting to recover $10.5 million in investments that he and others made in a building at 440 West 41st Street, which is partly owned by Suky. 

Shohat accused Metro Apartments, the company that owns the building, of failing to pay back loans that Shohat’s group had extended, the Jewish Daily Forward reported.

Meanwhile, Pinto, head of a New York-based nonprofit called Mosdot Shuva Israel, is facing indictment from the Attorney General of Israel Yehuda Weinstein for attempting to bribe an Israeli police officer for information on a closed investigation. He was arrested in 2012 after millions of dollars connected to his real estate investments disappeared, as The Real Deal previously reported. [Jewish Daily Forward]Mark Maurer

  • no-permits

    who cares about this guy?

    • scandal?

      How did he get an NYPD cop to do his bidding????

      • Char4Dew

        ??? since when are ALL cops on the up and up.

        • holy moses

          this may not be on par with Serpico or Whitey Bulger but shouldn’t this be big news that NYPD was involved??? Why is this buried compared to Menachem Stark getting murdered a second time by the NYPost (repeatedly)?

          • Char4Dew

            Good question…PAYOLA??? The media does bury a lot. If it has to do with the Police who knows what else layes benith it.

  • Char4Dew

    I find it disgraceful for a man who’s supposedly religious to be so slimy, but Sadly he is not alone.
    I did some work for a small firm and their Rabbi told me it was OK to steal if you have to feed your kids, I replied, but the owners are single guys they don’t need to feed any kids. DISGUSTING.
    Just because they have a beard does not mean they should not be punished.

    • my eyes are exhausted

      The Australians were famous in the Japanese POW camps for being the best thieves but unfortunately according to Dutch POW memoirs, the Aussies also had the highest fatalities because unlike the entrenched Dutch, the Aussies would choose eating unhygienic food and water over simply starving.

      I don’t see what the beard has anything to do with anything but it is like this visual wall of fur – which is kind of a deterrent to a story inviting views when that is what you see. I wonder if the click count is lower if you put a picture of a guy with a huge beard on it.

      • Char4Dew

        The beard just represets a religious figure who cant be so religious, after all he is just a thief. Jut as greedy as any other man who is a low life.

    • my eyes are exhausted

      German priests in Italy wrote Italian passports for escaping Nazis to South America – that’s kinda worse

      • Char4Dew

        Yes it is worse….but how do we go on measuring a wrong with a wrong…
        Then wonder how our beautiful America got in the toilet..
        When is enough enough, and when do we stand up for what is right.
        Yes I go to Temple myself but I can’t stand up for a man just because he is bearded.
        And I think the Banks should be punished too, but wont be. :(:(:(