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Trump quashes domain name cybersquatter in court

 An internet domain name collector bent on getting in between Donald Trump and his plans for new Asian developments has lost big in court.

J. Taikwok Yung, a Canarsie-based cybersquatter, has been ordered to pay $32,000 in damages, a Brooklyn judge ruled, for registering the domains,, and after learning that the real estate mogul was planning new Asian ventures, according to the New York Post.

Initially Tump offered Yung $400 to relinquish control of the four sites, but after Yung demanded more, “The Apprentice” star fired back with a $400,000 lawsuit.

Magistrate judge Viktor Pohorelsky ruled in Trump’s favor but lowered the damages after determining that Yung is insolvent.

Yung pulled a similar stunt on Merrill Lynch and Bank of America, snatching up the domain name after the firms announced their merger. [NYP] Christopher Cameron


    It’s one thing to infringe upon trademarks and or use the name Trump when you create a domain.Quite another when you create something un-trademarked and generic like: Wonder if he got paid for that one (?)