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City steps in to repair decaying Harlem buildings

March 02, 2014 12:00PM

 In Upper Manhattan, 19 buildings have been tapped for the city’s Alternative Enforcement Program, which fixes decaying buildings on the taxpayer’s dime, until slumlords can pay up.

The worst offender in the city is 593 Riverside Associates, which owns three buildings in Harlem at 590-593 Riverside Drive, 49 St. Nicholas Terrace and 608 West 139th Street.

The cost of fixes at 590-593 Riverside Drive alone surpassed $108,000, making it the costliest city funded repair bill in Manhattan.

Once a building is selected for the program, city inspectors can order large-scale repairs and landlords are required to meet stringent benchmarks, according to the New York Daily News.

Of the 19 buildings currently selected for the program, all are above 96th Street. [NYDN] Christopher Cameron

  • details please

    so did the slumlords embezzle the rents collected or did they just run out of money because rents were too low? there has to be a reason why they didnt do repairs – was this addressed in the article?

    • Char4Dew

      They probably mortgaged the building and bought 2 more – not unusual.

  • win win

    Just remember – the city doesn’t want to run these money pits either so these costly repairs and government penalties will bankrupt the owner and the tenants will be gifted with the building to run themselves for a dollar! Sabotage is rewarded once again.

  • Char4Dew

    I think it is good that the tenants will have a civilized home. good job NYC.
    I also think the city should have passcode into the firms accounting….Not to be able to change anything. just to be able to read only….
    and check the landlords books on a monthly basis, untill they are paid in full.
    If these guys are slum lords they are also capable of other BS.

    • George

      I have a novel idea: how about we let free markets decide who stays in business?

      • Char4Dew

        Free market is way too greedy today. I think it is good that people get thier homes fixed. I am not sure that some rich person coming in and trying to push them out is so novel – just saying…..

  • Common Sense

    608 W 139th st was for sale a couple of years ago and I did a walk-through. The apartments are not that bad. I’m really surprised it was in the AEP program. There are a couple of apartments that have been sitting empty for years because the owners have no money (we were told…..)
    We decided to not make an offer on the building because so many of the rents there are just way too low. It’s a guaranteed money loser.

  • Great job for you guys! investing with the right firm would be the wisest decision ever!

  • Good to know about this info.