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Building owner cleaned out wrong apartment: suit

Tenant allegedly came home to pad emptied of all but TV, PlayStation
March 04, 2014 03:55PM

An Upper East Side tenant sued his landlord and business management, claiming they erroneously cleared out his apartment and tossed his belongings in the city dump.

Plaintiff Nilay Sharoff accused his landlord and building management at 409 East 74th Street of sending a cleaning contractor to empty his home’s contents in unit 2D, though the intended apartment was unit no. 2B. As a result, Sharoff returned home on Oct.9, 2013 to find his apartment empty, save one television and one PlayStation 3 system, according to the lawsuit.

“Plaintiff lost … clothes, kitchen items, bed, dresser, sofa and other furniture, bathroom items, video games, personal identity information … credit cards … memorabilia, photographs and souvenirs,” according to the suit.

The lawsuit aims to recover unspecified restitution from building owner Goldie Holding and management Mautner-Glick, as well as the cleaning company, which has not yet been identified. The New York Daily News’ attempts to reach Goldie Holding and Mautner-Glick Tuesday were not successful. [NYDN]Julie Strickland

  • no-permits

    sounds like a classic case of an old school eviction.

  • all that cash under the mattress…damn

  • BetterCallSaul

    someone should “clean out” Mautner-Glick they have truly disgusting apts.

    • George

      Nice baseless cowardly attack. Now back up your statement and explain why they are “truly disgusting apts”.

      • BetterCallSaul

        ok where do I start….landlord doesn’t renovate his apts in about 20ys…floors slope like crazy, poor windows bad supers, nasty mgmt on the phone… horrible portfolio with sub par locations in basically 1 area in manhattan. Oh yah and you have to charge 15%…??
        Now take for example Icon or Crowman I mean come on at least that owner is willing to invest money into his building with nice renovations and a reasonable kitchen.

        So yes I repeat again that owner takes no pride in his buildings and I stand by my statement.

  • guest

    This is crazy behavior to remove a rent regulated apartment.
    Incompetent nepotism, this has happen before check out their history- greedy nasty people.