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Developer Uri Kaufman would ditch scaffold law, rent stabilization as governor: VIDEO

Harmony Group head also takes aim at landmark laws
March 04, 2014 06:00PM

Developer Uri Kaufman lambasted the state’s real estate regulations in a discussion with reporters about what he would do to stimulate business in New York if he was governor for a day.

Kaufman, the head of Albany-based development firm Harmony Group, told reporters the state could do without certain restrictions on the industry, including the scaffold law, which holds builders liable for workers that are injured at high elevations.

“Scaffold law says if a worker comes on to a construction site, drunk as a skunk and stoned on cocaine, falls out a window, I’m liable,” Kaufman said, calling it outrageous. Other developers have recently called for the law to be rethought, as The Real Deal reported.

Kaufman would also nix, rent-stabilization, the loft law and the existing landmark preservation code in New York City, the New York Business Journal reported.

“Fifty-five thousand buildings are landmarked, it’s insane,” Kaufman said. “No one has anything even close to that… “The joke is its the Manhattan Historic District.” Previous bills to weaken the city’s landmark laws, meanwhile, have largely failed. [New York Business Journal]  Angela Hunt

  • uri geller

    You got my vote!

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      Uri for Uri?

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    love the video!!!!

    • wishful thinking

      if you like fantasy!

      But he does bring up a good point especially in light of the fact that Herb Sukenik didn’t actually NEED his affordable housing unit – why not have the tenants kick in a percentage of their ACTUAL income to their rental amount if their building isn’t covering their unit’s share of the expenses? Why not make sure that affordable housing is appropriately allocated to the genuinely needy since affordable housing units in new developments already require income certification.

      Rent stabilization won’t go away since so many people can provide proof of low income but we should at least remove the scam artists and parasites from the pool.

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