NYU to raze Greenwich Village dog run to redevelop gym site

University plans to build more classrooms, dorms and a new gym and theatre
March 05, 2014 06:15PM

New York University won’t be sparing Greenwich Village’s most fiercely protected dog run in its expansion of the school’s facilities.

Although a ruling from the Manhattan Supreme Court requires NYU to get additional approval for parts of the planned development — which industry watchers estimate will cost $6 billion to complete — the decision upheld the school’s right to flatten the dog run.

A working group of students, faculty and administrators concluded that utilizing NYU property for the project would be less expensive than building elsewhere. The group also identified the current Coles Sports Center at Houston and Mercer streets as the most-suitable location for the redevelopment.

The group issued a report this week endorsing the construction of 80 classrooms and 500 dorm rooms for freshman at the site, as well as a new gym and performance space, DNAinfo reported.

To appease riled dog-loving residents, NYU has proposed to build a public garden, and possibly a new dog run, on the other side of the development. [DNAinfo] — Angela Hunt