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City officials oppose closure of Park Slope senior home

Lander, Millman and Brennan call for owner to reconsider evicting elderly residents
By Angela Hunt | March 06, 2014 05:45PM

UPDATED, 6:48 p.m., March 7: Elected officials in Brooklyn are steamed over the possibility that a home for seniors in Park Slope could soon be shuttered and converted into a condominium.

Councilman Brad Lander, along with assembly members Joan Millman and James Brennan, issued a joint statement Thursday opposing a plan to close  Prospect Park Residence, a nine-story assisted living facility at 1 Prospect Park West in Park Slope.

The owner, Haysha Deitsch, has kept the reason for the closure under wraps. But he likely intends to turn the center into condos, a source close to the situation told The Real Deal.

Local officials called for Deitsch to reconsider closing the facility, a move that would displace its more than 100 elderly residents.

“There is already a shortage of senior housing in our city—where does he expect them to go?” the officials said in a press release. Deitsch, who purchased the 153,067-square-foot building for more than $40 million in 2006, according to city records, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Prospect Park Residence Executive Director David Pomerantz attributed the facility’s closure to escalating costs in a statement issued March 5.

“Since 2009, Prospect Park Residence’s ownership and management have taken extraordinary steps to ensure a stable and predictable environment for its residents and staff by absorbing escalating costs,” Pomerantz said in the statement. “However, five years later, the economic recovery remains sluggish and the company’s tax obligation has sky-rocketed – increasing by nearly $1 million. Today, despite its best efforts, Prospect Park Residence is no longer viable.”

The residence was hit with a class action lawsuit alleging the facility was operating as an unlicensed assisted living facility in 2012, according to previous reports. A spokesperson for Prospect Park Residence told The Real Deal that the facility is currently a licensed Assisted Living community, and has been licensed since November 2012 “and is in good standing.”

  • Jeff

    i hear the deal is for sale thur CBRE

  • FlipoutNYC

    Great location for a condo.

  • getting too close to the truth

    so are these politicians supporting the operator of the facility in their defense of a lawsuit of misconduct – were there politicians who were crying for the heads of the facility operators?

    Which side is the city officially on or does “old people” just sound good when you claim to be defending them or serving them or attacking someone who wants to hurt them or whatever?

    I always thought we were a higher quality city – that our showrunners were better, our lawyers were better, our basic everyday folks were better – because we’re shrewd, straight shooters who don’t hide behind “How y’all doin’ today?”isms that cover up a multitude of malevolence but now we all just sound like cowards who offer knee jerk responses and attack without penalty and we automatically go for what keeps us on the right side of issues e.g. children, old people, tenants but not struggling homeowners. Affluence is not actually catching for much of the city yet somehow we are being guilt-tripped into shutting up when we are being told that we have to be taxed and we have to accept this or that law change because OTHER people can’t afford to live in Manhattan without our due subsidization.

    Something is VERY wrong here. I don’t know why it has gotten to this extreme when we could have shut down tenant misconduct ten or twenty years ago and actually PRESERVED the status quo.

    What I learned from never having had my minority as a useable crutch is that nothing is free – not even oversympathy for your plight.