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Crown Heights residents rally against displacement

BCB evicted tenants to deregulate units, group claims
March 06, 2014 08:07AM

The Crown Heights Tenant Union, a group of tenants from about 12 buildings in the neighborhood, recently protested outside of 1059 Union Street in a rally against landlords who evict longtime tenants to deregulate the units.

Midtown-based landlord BCB Property Management owns three properties in which members in the union live. BCB’s website said it invests in “emerging marketplaces and prides itself on a proactive and ethical approach to management.”

Tenants of 1059 Union Street said BCB offered them buyouts to leave. They also allege that the landlord illegally converted apartments to a two-bedroom from a one-bedroom. BCB did not comment to the Brooklyn Bureau.

The union, which was formed in October to combat landlord abuses, also protested the apartment policies of ZT Realty’s 1045 Union Street. [Brooklyn Bureau]Mark Maurer

  • one

    Both landlords are great. Not sure what is the fuss.

  • guest

    The tennants protest that landlords are offering buyouts.
    What next? protest undermarket rent they pay.
    How about protesting the fact they have to turn on the faucet to get water.

    Shouldnt the evil landlords know when the tenant needs water, and turn it on for them.

    Heck these guys would protest that they have to pay rent at all.

    Had one tennant last week who flooded out his apartment. Says the drain was clogged and its my fault. Even if it was my fault why didnt he shut the water once he saw that bathtub was overflowing. Anyway I Offered him a buyout and he accepted. After I redo apartment the rent is going to be nearly double what the guy was paying. And I also get a higher quality tennant. Yipee!

    • mutual privacy

      I’ve had tenants ask for buyouts but since they’ve falsely accused us in the past of all sorts of shenanigans, we don’t take the bait. We just wait and if they are leaving or already left and show up at our office, they can ASK us for x amount but no way would we ever ask a tenant to leave for money. It’s an invitation to be sued for “harassment’ even if the tenant is the one who initiates the conversation.

    • mug of mead

      re: Shouldnt the evil landlords know when the tenant needs water, and turn it on for them.

      the linked story did state that one of the complaints is that heat and hot water are erratic. of course the landlord is legally obligated to provide heat and hot water. so what’s your point?

    • new property owners org needed

      old school landlords have the best stories if you go to the meetings but those landlord organizations are too staid.

      If we don’t stand up and show our willingness to be outspoken, they will railroad this generation of landlords even worse than the previous generation because now we are dealing with their kids and grandkids who grow up knowing nothing except the hostile rhetorical environment of anything goes when it comes to dishonesty towards property owners.

      • free pass because of the press

        nobody is confronting bad tenants with logic and the FACTS – we just let them say whatever they want and the water damage is absolutely shameless and embarassing for them EXCEPT they are NOT embarassed. They don’t care if the world knows but why aren’t we pointing out that this is absurd and abnormal behavior for residents whether they rent or own?

        • Man up

          Its called Business. Even Walmart deals with bad customers , returns, theft, employee protest, black friday fights. I have yet to see a Walmart tutorial on how to shop correctly. Believe it or not a Landlord is in the service business. A building is worthless without a tenant to serve. Handle your business and get over the fact that your the “owner”. If you cant then get out of the business.

          • NYC Lifer

            If property owners were store owners, these renters would be customers standing in line complaining about the rise in prices when there’s a line behind them going out the door and down the block full of people willing to pay more for the same product.

  • We are doomed

    This just shows how screwed up our system truly is, they are protesting the landlords right to evict someone bc it was deregulated. He did nothing wrong and he would not have evicted him if they would have been able to pay the rent. Why are we hard working landlords and alike supposed to pay and give in for their laziness and entitlement issues.
    Low income tenants have more entitlement issues then trust fund babies, and if they dont get what they want they have time to go and protest….bc none of them have jobs!!!!

  • Me

    I would like to know how I can join my four building I am the chair for all.

  • Me

    The qualifications to rent an apartment is to high. First and foremost there checking your credit, then you must have in the bank what ever the rent is you must be able to cover that rent by 12 months, wait not done I also have a problem with them saying if you have an issue in housing landlord court that a no no. Please these day everyone has a case at housing court. What ever happen to just having your rent and getting a apartment like years ago. Stop it already. Also you must go to restate, online and pay for application and credit check. This must stop ASAP.

  • NYC Lifer

    Only in New York does renting an apartment equal some sort of “ownership” over the landlord with the price of rent when the owner OWNS the property. You buy it…you own it. If you’re renting and someone else is in line behind you willing to pay more for the same apartment, the solution is to move to a more affordable area (yes they still exist). Renting is still renting no matter how long you’ve done it for.