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Local officials not all aboard Moynihan Station plan

Gale Brewer, others concerned air rights sale will heighten area's density
March 10, 2014 10:15AM

City Council member Corey Johnson, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and Hell’s Kitchen residents are worried that the sale of air rights for the Related Companies and Vornado Realty Trust’s Moynihan Station redevelopment site could spur overdevelopment.

Johnson and Brewer criticized the Empire State Development Corporation’s efforts to sell 1.5 million square feet of air rights over the alleged lack of transparency. The intention to sell is part of renewed plans to expand New York Penn Station into the James A. Farley post office building. The post office, at 421 Eighth Avenue, would serve as a waiting room for Amtrak passengers.

“The RFP (for a broker) came as an unwelcome surprise to us,” Johnson and Brewer wrote in a letter last week. “We had not been given notice of the timetable for or any indication of a plan or policy to guide the sale of the Farley air rights. … As representatives of this area, we share our community’s concern about significantly increasing density in the immediate area surrounding the station.” [DNAinfo]Mark Maurer

  • Crian Bashman

    That location is severely under-built for the capacity of its infrastructure. NIMBYs never stop.

    • marknroses

      agreed. Penn Station could support a density the equivalent to GCT (i.e. Midtown East).

  • patton78

    The sale of the air rights should be used to fund the exspansion of Penn Station South which Is what is going to expand capacity by adding new tracks….the Moynihan Boondoggle does nothing to expand capacity it only moves Amtracks ticketing and lobby into the Farley Post Offices Mail sorting room. The funding to build the Moynihan Station house should be the last thing constructed. New tracks and increased capacity are the only things that make the Moynihan plan viable to the taxpayers instead of a bonanza for the developers…let’s also not forget the costs of adaptively reusing a landmark!

  • patton78

    Use Farley POs air rights to fund gateway which is more important then the station house…building Moynihan without gateway serves no purpose…..especially if gateway is never finished….Amtrak is going to have to purchase The land to make PEnn south…where is the money going to come from….the Farley air rights are taxpayer funds and should be used to build up the necessary infrastructure before the Station house is even considered!

  • Brian Perez

    i would like to see the station expanded that would be great and wouldbenefit eevryone who travels thru and decrease congestion