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SUNY to ax between 300 and 350 LICH staffers

Operator warned of layoffs following lawsuit settlement between state, community
March 10, 2014 05:30PM

The State University of New York is gearing up to lay off workers at the beleaguered Long Island College Hospital as bids and negotiations for the site’s redevelopment continue.

Between 300 and 350 hospital staffers will be handed pink slips soon, a union representative told the Brooklyn Paper.

“There are currently over 1,400 employees on the payroll at a facility that serves a limited number of patients,” SUNY spokesperson David Doyle told the paper.

Warning notices about layoffs came after community groups and unions reached a settlement with the state over a lawsuit looking to halt the hospital’s closure, a Service Employees International Union 1199 representative told the paper. The state kicked off another round of bidding following the agreement, and 1199 knew the hospital would shutter in May if no buyers emerged, a spokesperson told the paper.

The new evaluation process for the bidding gauges proposals on a point system weighing medical services as two-thirds of the score and the remainder in terms of financial commitments. State representatives will have the majority voice in determining a proposal’s score, while representatives of the nurses unions and community groups will have less than half in scoring the medical category, according to the Brooklyn Paper. [Brooklyn Paper]Julie Strickland

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    These dedicated hospital workers who refused to leave their “ship” during an all out onslaught by SUNY deserve better than this.

  • HingeThunder

    So, how’s that whole hopey-changey thing workin’ out fer ya?

    • Guest

      You got an ax to grind?

      • HingeThunder

        No ax, just hopin’ and changin’.

  • no-permits

    how about instead of methodist tearing down surrounding brownstones to expand, they take over LICH?

    • no-permits

      on another note, why is methodist so successful and LICH is constantly on the brink? something is very wrong.

      • Remsen Street Dweller

        Answer – LICH was run by Continuum Health Partners, who siphoned off millions of dollars to its flagship hospital, Beth Israel (in Manhattan) and then SUNY took over and continued the plunder to support its failing SUNY Downstate hospital.

        • Crown Heights

          Making up lies does not make them true, The real problem is the LICH workers like you blame everyone for the losses at LICH. Take a look in the LICH mirror and you will see who was really to blame for the destruction of LICH.

          • Remsen Sttreet Dweller

            I do not work at LICH. I live in the neighborhood and have used LICH many times — as a patient. I depend on LICH and I want my community’s hospital to survive. Besides your comment is not worth one nanosecond of time.

      • disgusted

        pilferage, plundering, rape
        with the blessings of the attorney general at the time who is now our current governor. in killing LICH they’re getting rid of the evidence

  • Sharon M

    This place and the whole process has been a huge waste of money. This is what happens when unions are allowed to have a pity party. The hundreds of millions to keep this dying hospital on life support, could have gone to opening clinics and preparing for the future. The hospital died many years ago, sadly, they have been a deicated bunch. NYSNA backed Obama, and his health plan, so now 1199 and NYSNA and all their workers will pay the price. They should be angry with these unions, NYSNA now run by the California arm of the bullies. NYSNA generally makes all their issues black vs white, check out their website your stomack will turn.

    • Remsen Street Dweller

      My stomach turns from what Continuum Health Partners and SUNY did to LICH.

    • SUNYlies

      It was not a “dying hospital”. It is a murdered hospital & the Governor is the head of this conspiracy

      • Maik Obermuller

        LICH people have blamed everyone under the sun for the LICH fiscal issues. They will continue to do so, so God help whoever takes over LICH. The reality is LICH shows on their tax returns losses over 500 million, and they have lost money for 18 going on 19 years in a row.

  • Ken

    LICH was a hospital that lost money for 18 years in a row. The supporters have blamed everyone under the sun for LICH’s fiscal problems. The reality is LICH is a money pitt. Methodist would be insane to take over LICH. Jusr close LICH up tight and let Methodist expand. The community groups and Mr Walden the lawyer sold the union members down the river. In the end the public advocate and community groups get some money to run a not for profit health care organization. At a moment when a deal could have kept LICH open the community groups looked out for themselves in this deal.

    • Remsen Street Dweller

      You wouldn’t recognize the truth if it hit you over the head with a ten ton rock — unless you are allied with the real estate people who are looking for their big payoff.

  • LICHer

    Actually its about 600 employees being laid off because SUNY is keeping the hospital artificially almost empty so it can say they have to lay off people because they don’t have enough patients. Meanwhile they transfer out hundreds of patients from LICH er & send them to other hosptials for beds so they can keep the beds at LICH empty just so they can claim this excuse. It’s their story & they’re sticking to it. Then in May, when SUNY leaves, all the rest of the staff is being laid off & the doors locked. You want to blame someone, blame the Governor.

    • DenmarksNottheOnlyRottenPlace

      Andrew Cuomo should be investigated for his role as Attorney General, as well as Governor of NYS. He’s sure to make Governor Christie look like a saint in comparison.l

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    And they want to close LICH …It was LICH that took care of lower Manhattan, as well as Red Hook, etc during Hurricane Sandy.

    • RSD

      LICH stood in for the flooded hospitals in lower Manhattan during Sandy:

    • Maik Obermuller

      LICH take care of Connecticut too, maybe New Jersey too right? LICH folk like to make up stories. LICH is in an area of ultra wealthy people. They whine about everything down in this area. They use their wealth to buy influence. On one hand they are fighting another hospital from expanding services here while pretending to want to keep LICH open. They signed away LICH in an agreement along with all the LICH workers from 1199 and NYSNA. This will be a case study in buisness school one day. Mostly of when to let a hospital die with dignity instead of dragging it into the mud and makining up lies to justify LICH.

      • YouSnake

        Go away, you lying disgusting snake.

        • Maik Obermuller

          The truth hurts?

      • LICHsavesLIVES

        Your Connecticut and New Jersey sarcasm is bunk.

        LICH is right off the BQE and Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.

        You just keep on making posts for your employer FORTIS.

        • Maik Obermuller

          Happily retired and take money from No One. I want the truth to come out.