Top-grossing Town broker Robert Dvorin hops to Elliman

Exited the company on "amicable" terms; left less than a week after owners settled dust-up
By Katherine Clarke | March 10, 2014 12:10PM

Top-grossing Town Residential broker Robert Dvorin has jumped to Douglas Elliman — less than a week after Town’s owners, Joseph Sitt and Andrew Heiberger, settled their legal battle for control of the firm.

Dvorin will be bringing his six-member team, including fellow Elliman alumni Young Lee, Ian Wolf, and Michael Brais as well as Melissa Brown, Eben MacNeille, and Leah Felix, with him to the new firm. He previously spent nine years at Elliman before moving to Town in 2011. The team will be working out of the company’s office at 774 Broadway.

Dvorin’s departure follows recent defections by Town brokers Frank Arends and Patty LaRocco, both of whom were previously at Elliman and returned there amid the dispute at Town.

“There is great talent at Town. I had a wonderful experience there and I’m grateful to part on amicable terms,” Dvorin said in a statement. “I’m now looking forward to tapping into Elliman’s reach to expand my business, especially in the development marketing division which continues to secure the most exciting projects nationally and internationally.”

Town co-chair Andrew Heiberger said he wished Dvorin and his team success at Elliman. But he also suggested that the competing firm may have had acted opportunistically by allegedly attempting to win over top Town agents while the dispute between he and Sitt was raging.

“It appears as if they are just trying to exploit the perceived weakness that stemmed from mine and Joe’s fully settled dispute by offering outrageous packages to some of our leading brokers,” he said.

Heiberger also noted that Dvorin had a record year of sales last year. The broker had more than $150 million in closed and contract-signed deals in 2013, according to Elliman.

“I think that making a change, especially when you are enjoying such tremendous success, has the potential to be a tremendous mistake,” Heiberger said.

Dvorin’s current listings include a $27.9 million townhouse at 80 Washington Place, a $16 million penthouse at 55 Warren Street, a $10 million penthouse at 2112 Broadway and a $6.95 million apartment at 1 York Street. All those listings will come with him to Elliman, he said.

In a statement, Elliman Chairman Howard Lorber said: “We’re very pleased to welcome Robert back to Elliman. He’s a dynamic addition to the company and he will achieve great things for his business.”

Last week, Heiberger and Sitt finally settled their very public legal dispute, which had been ongoing since January. Despite a small number of key defections, Heiberger said the company is on strong footing and currently has around 550 exclusive listings.