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Harlem church slated for conversion into 13-story site

Belgium-based firm's building would hold 24 units
March 11, 2014 08:35AM

A Belgium-based development firm plans to convert a one-story church building in Harlem into a 13-story residential property.

Architect David Howell is set to design the 24-unit structure at 145 Central Park North, between Malcolm X and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. boulevards, according to permits filed last week. The developer paid $16.5 million, or $386 per square foot, for the church in November. Emmut Properties’ sale of the site generated a $4.1 million profit. It came with nearly 42,700 square feet of development rights.

Whether the units will be condominiums or rentals is as yet unknown, BuzzBuzzHome reported. [BuzzBuzzHome]Mark Maurer

  • Sad and Pragmatic not Alarmist

    Are there any zoning requirements or height limitations for 110th street? Hate that this building will be over twice as high as nearly all the neighboring structures – the warm low rise and light-filled qualities of this sweet part of Harlem seem to be in danger of forever disappearing.

  • 150w111

    Well, there goes my park view from 111th street….

  • Sad and Pragmatic not Alarmist

    A glass tower condo 3X higher than its neighbors, brought to Harlem by dirtbag developers currently embroiled in raping a lovely block in Chelsea
    (; is NOT what this neighborhood needs or wants. Responsible, contextually appropriate and properly scaled development yes – but not shimmering out of scale glass and steel fu middle fingers thrust into the sky of the type that has ripped the soul out of so much of the Upper East side and elsewhere.

  • HeartOfHarlem

    do we know how soon they might start building?

  • 150w111too

    Mine too.

  • 150w111three

    Me three!! Our view is one of the main reaons for moving into the building my boyfriend and I did allmost three years ago. We pay for that view and now it is getting taken away from us. Plus, now we are going to have to deal with noise, dust, and construction. I guess it will be time to move. Thank you for ruining such a great neighborhood and ruining the views people had for years in our building!!!!!