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Opponents of Housing Authority land-lease plan drop suit

Plaintiffs back down following de Blasio pledge to abandon construction bids
March 12, 2014 05:30PM

Opponents of a Bloomberg-era plan to lease New York City Housing Authority land to developers are dropping their lawsuit against the plan.

The suit, filed in New York State Supreme Court in November, aimed to block NYCHA from accepting bids to construct luxury high-rises on public parks, playgrounds, gardens and other open spaces on NYCHA property, according to a news release from the Community Development Project at the Urban Justice Center. But now that Mayor de Blasio has pledged to abandon the land lease plan and begin a more “thoughtful process,” the plaintiffs have agreed to withdraw their legal complaint.

Another lawsuit brought by City Council and a group of tenants, aiming to stall intended land lease plans until after the end of Mayor Bloomberg’s term, was dismissed by a Manhattan state judge in December. — Julie Strickland

  • MercedesKnudson

    The Plan is so very good for real estate investor to be invest a money in purchasing a Plot and flat for make a good and attractive Home .basically its good ways to earns a Money .

  • JoeyWall

    So much for that whole “to meet my affordability goals we have to build and build aggressively” thing….

    After all, we all know that Manhattan needs more parking lots!

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