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Long Island College Hospitals proposals include few beds

Project would install five care "pods," psychiatric emergency room
March 13, 2014 11:05AM

Two of the bidders for the Long Island College Hospital redevelopment project would allow for a limited number of beds and bays in “freestanding” emergency rooms.

The Fortis Property Group and NYU Langone Medical Center proposed up to 12 emergency room bays and four observational beds. The Brooklyn Hospital Center would want to install 10 observational beds and 15 bays. The 15,000-square-foot emergency department currently at the Cobble Hill site would be ditched in favor of a freestanding operation under both proposals. There would be five “pods” of care and a separate psychiatric emergency room.

The State University of New York is gearing up to lay off 300 and 350 hospital staffers at the hospital, as previously reported. [DNAinfo]Mark Maurer


    It would actually *get rid of the five pods of care and the psychiatric ER. Reread the DNAinfo story.

  • Maik Obermuller

    The residents in this old part of Brooklyn with Long Island College Hospital have considerable wealth and love to complain. This story is from 2008 but sounds like today, and maybe tommorow with the new owner of LICH. They love to complain and blame everyone else about LICH’s issues except LICH itself.
    Wednesday, January 9, 2008
    Sucking Long Island College Hospital Dry?
    There are many fine doctors and professionals affiliated with Long Island College Hospital (LICH) in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. It used to be an exceptional hospital.

    But mismanagement by Continuum Health Partners is crippling the place.

    One family member needed an emergency tetanus shot after 6 p.m. Emergency room wait time: 9 hours. Cost of shot: more than $1000. Another needed a broken bone X-rayed and set. We were advised (by a LICH-affiliated doctor) to bypass LICH altogether and go to another hospital in Manhattan. A relative of ours was told by the urology department after a five-minute consultation that — I kid you not — he couldn’t possibly be the father of his own three children! (Hmm, they look like him…)

    Adding to LICH’s financial troubles, some patients have been told by their insurance companies that LICH’s billing procedures are chaotic.

    Doctors told the Brooklyn Eagle that ever since Continuum Health Partners and Beth Israel Hospital of Manhattan took over, they’ve been sucking the hospital dry.

    Donald Othmer, a Brooklyn Heights chemical engineer who worked at Polytechnic University — and an old friend of Warren Buffet’s — left $140 million to the hospital in 1995. Soon after, Continuum bought LICH. And ever since then, says LICH, it has diverted money away from the hospital, and refused to disclose to LICH the details of how the $140 million bequest was appropriated.

    Now LICH wants a divorce. But is it too late? More at the Eagle.

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  • Rob

    A lich is a corpse. Nice acronym. lol