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Ex-Bayrock exec accused of “mob tactics” in lawsuit

Suit claims Jody Kriss -- now at East River Partners -- had consultant beaten up by the mafia
March 17, 2014 10:17AM

A former consultant for the real estate development firm the Bayrock Group has filed a $5 million civil lawsuit, accusing one-time Bayrock executive Jody Kriss of adopting “mob tactics” to retrieve his cut of money from a development deal.

Salvatore Lauria brokered an $85 million deal with Iceland’s FL Group in 2007 and acquired a $2.5 million commission. That deal prompted Kriss to arrange a physical attack on Lauria, according to the lawsuit. Then, in 2012, a member of the Mafia assaulted Lauria in a Brooklyn restaurant and said, “You’re dead. I’m going to kill you. You’re a rat. I did two years because of you.”

Bayrock was behind the Trump Soho in Manhattan and the $200 million, 24-story Trump International Hotel & Tower in Fort Lauderdale. Kriss is now a principal of East River Partners.

Russian associates of Kriss reportedly referred to him as “Vort-on,” a reference to Kriss being an alum of the Wharton business school at University of Pennsylvania and an alleged “vor-in-law,” a slang term for thief-in-law, Lauria said in the suit, as cited by the New York Post.

“This is merely the latest in a string of increasingly desperate attempts to pressure me and other victims … to stop lawsuits they are losing. None of the bullying tactics will have any effect,” Kriss said in response to the suit. [NYP]Mark Maurer

  • Rushkies

    East River Partners has a Mafia background? Wow that is scary. Front for the Russian mafia?

    • shhh you may get beat up

    • jen

      and to think that Jodi was trying to get me to invest money with him.

  • pre common core

    I think this article just gave me dyslexia.

    Am I to understand … that a yuppie with a Wharton degree BULLIED a member of organized crime … and now that bullying victim is suing the yuppie for ACTING like a member of organized crime?

    Is that the gist?

    My god. Way to bury the irony, New York Post.

  • sue the guy that beat you up

    Where in the Post article does it say that Kriss (Yuppie) was also a federal informant? How is that possible? He’s just a real estate developer.

    He did INFORM a criminal defense lawyer that his clients were imprisoned because the organized crime member was an Informant so is Kriss an informant by proximity?

    • what a wit

      or by contagion?

      I don’t think anyone “enamored” by organized crime would mock Lauria for wearing “federal jewelry.”

    • not funnyu

      Jody Kriss and his father Ron Kriss were partners with the Russian mafia for countless years. Does the Mob not partner with lawyers and real estate developers? He himself admits it. Google Jody Kriss and see what he says himself about founding Bayrock and his Mafioso partners.

  • Yossi Hams

    read the lawsuit I just saw it online – they are saying that Jody Kriss was a mafia type guy.
    Work long enough with the Russian mob am sure you meet some wise guys.

  • and he doesn’t scare

    Is this some kind of reverse publicity?

    Jody Kriss built …


    • tuff wharton guy

      Damn Mafioso back in government with Jody Kriss —- go Wharton.
      gangsters called him a vor gotta love America.

  • russian mafia is there.