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Queens retailers brace for No. 7 train shutdown

MTA's track, signaling system overhaul to disrupt service through July
March 17, 2014 11:45AM

Queens retailers are bracing for planned reductions and shutdowns of the no. 7 train, slated to begin May 2.

The MTA is tackling the overhaul of track and signals all along the 21-station line, meaning there will be no service between Times Square and 74th Street-Broadway in Jackson Heights from May 2 to 5 and May 16 to 19. The work encompasses three projects, including the installation of a new signaling system, Sandy-related repairs in the Steinway train tube and track replacement.

Merchants in locations accessed only or primarily by the 7 train are putting together strategies to combat the anticipated customer drought, such as luring customers via Tweets and Facebook postings. Others are embracing the transportation snafu as a positive. With Manhattan less easily accessible, they believe area residents may frequent local restaurants and shops more often.

“It’s a big impact on business, especially our retailers,” Rachel Thieme, executive director of the Sunnyside Shines Business Improvement District, told Crain’s. [Crain’s]Julie Strickland

  • How does a two weekend closure warrant this much attention? Subway lines routinely experience weekend shutdowns of this nature and nobody needs to worry about sending a few tweets. The main problem facing these businesses? They’re in Queens. How about holding off on this kind of gripe unless the closures are many weeks in a row, like say G and R train tunnels.

    • nota bene

      Queens stores do monster business and there is no NIMBYism there about big box retailers or chains moving in and there is certainly n agit prop disguised as political correctness like there is in Harlem where it is going to leak from affordable housing to retail VERY VERY SOON so get your market rents locked in before you are slammed with rent control on your store rents:

      n.b. There’s no NIMBY outrage that Little Italy restaurants cater mostly to tourists and nonresidents.