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REBNY looks to provide housing in wake of East Harlem blast

Move seen by some as show of support for de Blasio administration
March 17, 2014 02:38PM

The Real Estate Board of New York is offering 34 apartments to house residents displaced by the explosion in East Harlem last week that leveled two buildings and killed at least eight people .

Real estate executives plan to coordinate with the New York State Association for Affordable Housing to provide temporary and long-term housing for residents who were put out of their homes by the blast.

The board’s move is seen by some as a show of support for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration, Crain’s reported.

“We will continue to work with the city to provide a longer-term solution for those who were impacted, and hope that our partnership with Mayor de Blasio will help ease recovery efforts for all those affected,” REBNY President Steven Spinola said in a statement to Crain’s.

The collaboration could also be the beginning of a broader conversation regarding the state of the city’s deteriorating infrastructure. Recent studies found that much of NYC’s infrastructure is in dire need of repair. [Crain’s]Angela Hunt

  • Google “jiageya”

    I’m surprised that airbnb didn’t step in like it did with Hurricane Sandy. No one accused airbnb of having ulterior motives when they did it (and it didn’t really cost airbnb as it does cost REBNY to do this).

    Has no one noticed that these developers COULD offer “quail prices” but actually offer a change in someone’s life when they offer very generous payouts (however rare) as was the case with Carl Delmer by Extell and Herb Sukenik by The Zeckendorfs.

    Would it kill the rest of us to just say thank you when someone embodies Santa Claus just because they have the means and character to do so?

    It’s not like Kuhn Rikon needing a workforce and keeping Tibetans tethered to them in a mutually beneficial business arrangement. REBNY is not getting anything back from this.

  • google jiageya

    maybe REBNY Is just being nice like airbnb during hurricane sandy although I was shocked by how many uninhabited but furnished places were being offered – who keeps real estate uninhabited like that in NYC?

  • respect losses dontpropagandz

    Other than Collin Patterson, who else actually resided in the collapsed buildings and survived? I am more interested in finding out how they are doing than in the hundred or so neighboring tenants who are in need of assistance because I feel that the two buildings are of primary concern. I feel like the news is getting confusing because a lot of people are inconvenienced but not necessarily had all their stuff destroyed as well as losing family members which is unspeakable.

    Already, the press is taking the opportunity to turn this into a division of new and old residents when most people even if they are paying market rent are not one percenters.