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LIC woman adopted at age 63 to score rent-controlled apartment

The crafty move has landed the tenant in housing court
March 23, 2014 04:00PM

 Some people will do almost anything for a coveted rent-controlled apartment, but one Long Island City woman has upped the ante. getting herself adopted at age 63 to inherit an affordable apartment.

Born Pamela Becker, the wily tenant, who now goes by Maria DeTommaso, appeared in Queens Housing Court last week after her landlords attempted to evict her from the $100-a-month apartment, according to the New York Post.

“She has made my life a living hell,” Sugrim Outar, who owns the six-unit apartment building with his wife, said in court.

In 2002, Maria began living with Nicholas DeTommaso, a retired dockworker who had lived in the building for his entire life. Just 22 days before his death in 2009 Maria was adopted by DeTommaso.

The Outars have temporarily withdrawn their case again DeTommaso over technical issues, but vow to seek eviction. [NYP]Christopher Cameron

  • late life adoption??

    She lived with a stevedore when she was in her fifties and he adopted her when he was 85 and dying …. Who is Sugrim Outar? Did he do something to deserve this? Did Pamela Becker pay the stevedore’s family member to get him to do this or was this a dying act of malevolence?

    PLEASE end succession rights. It’s like terminators finding each other out in the wild and coalescing their liquid metal to prolong the suffering of their targets. That owner endured a NORC tenant and paid his dues – now he and his kids are going to have to pay out of pocket for Pamela Becker’s NORC tenancy. Communist countries don’t even force its citizens to caretake multiple generations of elderly. Eventually, people get to REST and put down their burdens.

    How is no one realizing that property owners are shouldering more than their fair share of public policy?

  • NYC is so embarassing

    Oh, wow. $100 a month – our electric bill is higher than that per month so how is that affordable and fair for the property owner to pay for someone else’s heat and hot water otherwise get slapped with fines and risk losing their building before paying for his own living expenses. If it comes down to paying for that new tenant’s heat and hot water plus the real estate taxes over personal comfort, you’d better believe that the building’s expenses come first AND the tenant advocates will unsympathetically (Because their sympathy is reserved for their CLIENTS – FYI – that’s not sympathy that’s coldhearted prejudice) scold the landlord for complaining about their legal obligations as a property owner.

    Sorry, to the property owner and frankly, if third parties were honest they would agree – this is not fair, this is not right and this is not something that the government and the courts should repeatedly come down on the side of the tenants. As adults with an education, with EYES, you should be able to see which side justice falls in such a case. Judges are supposed to JUDGE against liars even if they are the “tenant” or the newly-minted daughter of a deceased tenant.

    How is this who the rent regulations are supposed to protect?

    Letitia James should probably petition to have “scam artists” designated as a new race class because obviously one is being victimized and terrorized by a greedy slumlord in this case.

  • OH GOD!

    If this happens in my building, I’m moving to Albany and making a spectacle of myself. I’m gonna share the youtube links. Because obviously, New Yorkers have been replaced with smug San Francisco wannabes – another winner of a rent controlled city infuriated by the temerity of others becoming moguls and not competing with them for their old housing stock rentals but certainly driving them to take it out on property owners.

    PLEASE GOD – end succession rights. I will take in dogooders and keep market rents low, I will help youngsters build their credit history – tell me what you want and I will do it but PLEASE PLEASE do not make owners deal with heirs to – blankety blank – behavior.

  • fertile opportunity for fraud

    Are late life adoptions honored for immigration purposes like gay marriages?

  • damndong1

    I have two neighbors in my building who have been here for nearly 30 years each. You should see the interior of their homes compared to mine. My price point still remains a steal considering I work in the industry and see what owners are getting for a renovated 1Bed in Astoria.

    It is my firm belief these women and their families will stay here till the entire buildings is ready to collapse because of the rent stabilization. They pay next to nothing and complain about the issues in the building.

    If they paid anywhere near market rent then maybe the landlord would have the funds to make full repairs and necessary improvements.

  • Maria Nicola Detommaso

    Tribute to Lil’ Mother Theresa L.I.C.
    Yogi Prema
    Humanitarian & Homeless Vet

    A practicing yogini for 35 years, Pam Deodar, known
    today as Yogi Prema, brought together the first meeting of two world-famous yogai masters, the renowned Bikram Choudhury and Dharma Mitra,
    following in her fathers’ ambassadorial footsteps. Prema’s father, Ralph Becker was the esteemed Ambassador to Honduras, under the Ford Administration, and a
    major philanthropic founder of the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

    In her dedicated mission to help Long Island City’s homeless veterans, Yogi Prema
    walks a path of self sacrifice, personal risk and trauma on the sometimes dirt roads and alleys through a society that has forgotten our homeless military heroes. Pam is the disenfranchised heiress and sister to Salt Lake City’s well-known Mayor Ralph Becker. Many years ago when she left the family household, she was
    disowned by her family and treated as a prodigal black sheep, sent a meager monthly pittance.

    Yogi Prema is on a humanitarian and spiritual path similar to the Gautama Buddha, who historically left his kingdom and riches to go out penniless on his own in search
    of helping humanity. What is it that motivates so few of us to voluntarily leave our “kingdoms” to choose life as a beggars, rather than royalty? Most of us are still crying, kicking and screaming, as when we were first separated at birth and cast out from the inner ”sanctum.”

    Yogi Prema says “The human experience is about everyone being disinherited from the kingdom when we were born, cast out of the womb,
    our umbilical cords cut from our mothers, bare, cold and in need of motherly care.” Likewise, our war veterans were once proud members of one of the greatest military forces society has ever witnessed. But many of our wonderful veterans are separated from society, cast off to suffer their emotional war wounds.
    and forgotten in places like Long Island City with little opportunity for healing,
    long-care medical help, or escape from mental war wounds .

    Almost daily, Yogi Prema gifts her homeless vets with a smile and creates meager handyman’s chores for them to earn a few dollars. Yogi Prema receives no community support. Her concern for humanity extends to the many in society
    who are very much in need of loving care.