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NYCHA being sued after failing to move disabled woman

The plaintiff sought to downsize from her duplex for more than a decade
March 23, 2014 09:00AM

 A disabled woman in Brooklyn is suing the New York Housing Authority for $1 million after the agency ignored her requests to move into a smaller unit for more than a decade.

The woman, Luduvina Gomez, occupies a three-bedroom duplex apartment on her own in Coney Island, but NYCHA allegedly ignored her when she asked to move a smaller city-housing apartment, according to the New York Post.

In 2003, NYCHA sent Gomez a form requesting that she transfer to a non-duplex unit, but the agency failed to act. Gomez recently fell in her two-story apartment and sustained an injury, which is the basis for her lawsuit.

NYCHA is currently experiencing a severe shortage of two- and three-bedroom apartments. Currently, more than 244,000 people are waiting for public housing, and some 18,000 of them need a three-bedroom such as the one Gomez occupies on West 27th Street. [NYP]Christopher Cameron

  • ewwwwww

    The rest of us are subsidizing her housing regardless of whether it is a duplex or not so LADY, could you please exhibit some gratitude and integrity and not bite the hand that feeds/houses you?

    Could you just maybe – as a guest of the state – not repay that generosity and hardship with an expensive lawsuit?

    Wouldn’t THAT be the humane thing to do?

    OBVIOUSLY, we feel sorry for her because she is disabled and that is why she got affordable housing but is there nothing written in the books about NOT rewarding … this type of personality. Maybe people like this don’t DESERVE the hardship of taxpayers.

  • redheaded stepchild

    I had a tenant threaten that he would fall in his apartment if the property owner didn’t give him a new exhaust system and that his sons plural from Hong Kong were going to make her sorry if she didn’t.

    Does the majority of New Yorkers NOT realize that in effect they share the same problem as small property owners subsidizing rent regs – we ALL pay for it. We are going to be so screwed if they don’t appropriately investigate the gas pipes in the East Harlem blast buildings because we are going to be sued because the City is going to be sued and Con Ed is going to be sued and then raise the rates on us. So don’t let affordable housing and gentrification cloud the investigation with the East Harlem building collapse. Collin Patterson was watching tv and NOT smelling gas on the ground floor and the roof blew off BEFORE the flames, correct?

    • would u sue urself if u fell?

      The press however protenant and prorent freeze needs to be very careful about how they report on the ongoing investigation for the cause of the East Harlem blast. It’s an unfortunate coincidence that the day before the news came out about the underground pipes. That doesn’t mean it was our fault that the building blew up. Maybe someone was smoking with the windows closed and the gas on combined with the crack down the side of one of the buildings after heavy snow and freezing temperatures caused the big boom that overturned the pianos around Collin Patterson because he didn’t say anything about flames but there were flames visible from the piano store on the news.

      Does she genuinely believe that the city is to blame because she fell inside her home? Who do homeowners sue when they fall off a ladder in their own home?

  • redheaded stepchild

    Are there a lot of homeless Vietnam vets in NYCHA? Why not? Remember when America saved the world, took Iwo Jima with incredible losses? Remember when FDNY put out the fire in your building and carried you out of your apartment?

    How do you sue the city essentially when you are being sheltered by the city and the taxpayers? They do realize they are receiving charity from the all the other New Yorkers, right? We might have money to fix all those old underground pipes and stop closing hospitals and firehouses if we weren’t subsidizing specific individuals. How is that not discrimination?