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Neiman Marcus in talks to open flagship at Hudson Yards

Space would mark upscale retailer's first store in NYC
March 28, 2014 08:30AM

High-end department store Neiman Marcus is close to locking down space at Hudson Yards for its new flagship store.

Under the deal, the tenant would take a multilevel space with nearly 200,000 square feet at the 1 million-square-foot retail complex on the megadevelopment site. The building is expected to open in four years.

The lease would allow for a built-out space to be leased at a long-term rate in the mid-$30s per square foot. Time Warner and Coach have also grabbed large chunks of space at Hudson Yards, as previously reported.

This would be Neiman Marcus’ debut outpost in the city, although the Dallas-based chain owns the Bergdorf Goodman store at 754 Fifth Avenue.

“They never wanted to come and have their own stores compete with Bergdorf’s,” Faith Hope Consolo, chair of retail leasing and sales at Douglas Elliman, told the New York Post. [NYP]Mark Maurer

  • chucka

    Welcome to to continued “Mallification” of NYC

  • true talk

    This is Ross final work in the city

    • true talk

      And look at the price of the rent? Wow,

  • havenofaith

    Did Faith make the deal or she just blabbing again?

    • Tj

      Blabbing again as always…she does NOT represent NM!

  • Adam Silber

    Neiman Marcus is such a wretched company.
    It seems to be disintegrating under Karen Katz CEO. The company claims it doesn’t matter if you suffer for a stolen identity from shopping at their store. They had 60,000 notifications their customers information was compromised ,They acted on none of them . then smeared their customers for wanting justice in a very ugly way.

    The company is a poster child for poor and often unethical behavior presents many dangers that are avoidable by shopping at a more reputable retailer.

    Customers and employees are said to “act like Jews”
    Asian Americans are said to look “extra Asian ” by its own Management.
    Entire Departments may have no Latino employees for years despite having qualified applicants.
    The company’s “HR” department apparently attempts to conceal this by often only considering them for low level janitorial positions.
    Management has called gay male employees “F**s” .
    ” Fire him he has HIV” was stated by a different Department Manger
    That employee working in one of the N.M. restaurants would prepare food without gloves. He used unwashed hands and cut fingers to prepare salads and sandwiches.
    It has a questionable food safety record . It may not have followed food safety laws for many years . It has no public statement to suggest otherwise. Blood borne pathogens have not seemed to be of their concern .
    A Neiman Marcus employee bled in prepared food through an open wrist bone wound.. When asked by The United States Government to respond, the company stated they are not applicable under the law. OSHA in Washington D.C was notified . The company never directly answered as to why it did not adequately protect its customers. The company shifted the blame to Liberty Mutual Insurance who hasn’t ever stated why it never conducted an investigation despite repeated contacts.
    In another publicized case Neiman Marcus was implicated in forging fake documents to smear an African American ex employee . Another abusive tactic Neiman Marcus utilizes is to have suspected African American’s shoplifting cases moved to different judges courts. . This according to company Management allows an increase in the time they will spend in jail . The company reportedly pays the Court to honor its request to switch judges it deems as not giving lengthy enough sentences based on their skin color. The United States Department of Justice has been made aware of this.
    Additional concerns include that the company has failed to pay wages properly and is known for retaliatory issues (
    It now has numerous deserved pending class action lawsuits for the data compromise.
    The company claimed that one of it’s former manager’s is a “pedophile”. Interestingly they gave him a positive reference to work at Chuckie Cheese Pizza (Owned by Apollo Management). This despite the fact it is a business aimed at children where a danger may be present. It ‘s present owners Ares Management and CCIPB both have been contacted.. Neither have chose to adequately address anything perhaps because of buyers remorse
    Ms. Katz should consider resigning as seems her character is worrisome at best, Ares Management and CCIPB should address the abnormal amount of issues that its retail peers don’t seem to be afflicted with.

    Sources – DOL, OSHA, U.S Dept. of Justice complaint., EEOC records,