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Arrest imminent in Menachem Stark slaying: sources

Police could apprehend suspect before April 14
March 31, 2014 08:00AM

Investigators are closing in on a suspect in the grisly killing of Brooklyn developer Menachem Stark.

Detectives tell the Stark family that an arrest is imminent and could come before Passover on April 14, or just after the eight-day holiday, a source told the New York Post. Stark was accosted outside his Williamsburg office in January and shoved into a Dodge Caravan. His charred corpse was found in Great Neck the following day, And Police Found The Vehicle On A Brownsville Street a week later. Stark owed several million dollars to multiple creditors and was the subject of multiple lawsuits. And while some tenants remembered him as a kind and generous landlord, others said he was an out-and-out slumlord.

The first clue to a possible perpetrator of the crime surfaced on Jan. 14 when police located Stark’s minivan in Brownsville. But since then investigators have zeroed in on a contractor and several of his relatives to whom Stark allegedly owed around $20,000, according to the Post.

Investigators have managed to track a mysterious cellphone found beneath Stark’s car that was used by the abductors as a tracking device, sources told the paper, and another cellphone used in the area where the body was dumped has also been tracked, a law enforcement source told the Post. [NYP]Julie Strickland

  • WannaBeLandlord

    Good. Killing someone over 20k is ridicoulous. Slap a mechanical lien or send the debt to an aggressive collection agency that will call his family, friends, business associates, and neighbors until he pays.

  • Bacon

    No way that he was killed over $20k. Has to be the Tip of the Iceberg.

  • tired of his face w/o justice

    Ever since reading the first objections to the NYPost’s characterization of the murder victim as a slumlord, I haven’t been able to accept anything that the Post has written about him but this article seems to be better but it still mentions violations which I hope have been accurately represented but i really wish someone from his side would clarify them because right now, I don’t believe the post and as a third party, I just want the truth. If he was bad with his buildings, let it be firmly accurately established. Someone already claimed that the violations were there when he purchased the buildings so I would like to know if that is true.

    Even if they do catch his murderer, but we don’t get a really deep and trustworthy account of how he conducted himself as a landlord, I will not feel easy about his coverage. I am not interested at all in his portfolio. I want to know what justified the repeated slumlord label. If it is just, then I would accept it.

    • Guest

      It’s probably pretty easy to determine. Building violations and property records are both public records and a pretty easy search in NYC…