Nolita landlord, broker accept $18,000 via Bitcoin in rental deal

Broker: “Deal was easy for my client, thrilling for me”

TRD New York /
Apr.April 04, 2014 03:40 PM

A Manhattan real estate broker accepted a deposit, rent and his own commission on a Nolita deal via the controversial virtual currency Bitcoin.

Nick Spanos, founder of both advocacy organization Bitcoin Center NYC and real estate brokerage Bapple, told Crain’s the tenant in question paid a total of $18,000 in the digital currency to an unnamed landlord for a lease that began April 1. Jeff Goolsby, the broker on the deal, told the news site that he opted to go the Bitcoin route to avoid fees associated with certified checks and wire transfers.

“The deal was easy for my client, and thrilling for me,” Goolsby said in a statement.

The tenant reportedly works for a tech startup and brought up the idea of paying via Bitcoin, Crain’s reported. And while the virtual currency has spurred a number of legal questions on the real estate front, sellers are increasingly accepting the payment method and brokerages like BOND New York are jumping on the bandwagon. [Crain’s]Julie Strickland

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