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City officials urge landlord to hike security at Bronx building

Politicians step in after 2922 Grand Concourse hit by string of burglaries over two years
April 08, 2014 10:58AM

Bronx residents and local officials are pushing for a Jerome Park landlord to update security in wake of a string of burglaries at his apartment building.

Tenants of 2922 Grand Concourse, between East 199th Street and Bedford Park Boulevard East, said at a recent community board meeting on public safety that the first robberies were reported two years ago — and have continued.

The residents of the building claim the landlord, Apartment Rental Masters, has done little to improve security at the 49-unit building, according to the New York Daily News. Some residents are also worried that the thefts might be an inside job. A number of the break-ins in the building showed no signs of forced entry, according to the paper.

At the Community Board 7 meeting, Public Safety Chair John Snider promised the city would send a letter urging the landlord to make the building safer, and that City Councilman Andrew Cohen would also make contact.

Apartment Rental Masters didn’t return the paper’s calls for comment. [NYDN] Angela Hunt

  • the landlord is blamed

    can they AFFORD to increase security?

    If this happened to a working class home owner, he wouldnt be able to demand someone else borrow money to increase security, right? He would have to pull his own weight but if someone is a tenant they have a contract with the property owner that apparently they both agreed to EXCEPT the owner never gets to cancel that contract if the tenant injures the owner if the tenant is rent regulated.

    Does the Mayor have any rent regulated tenants? Would he like to walk a mile in the shoes of a SPONY being forced to pay for some pretty terrible people in their building and then be accused of NEGLECTING security as if the owner was somehow a criminal by association of having a crime occur against their wishes on their property?

    Even before the underground gas leaks were discovered in East Harlem, the piano store landlord was offered sympathetic comments despite the earlier DOB violation of an external crack. It’s VERY interesting the difference in coverage, that violation did not invite the Menachem Stark smear of Slumlord.

    • noclist

      Tenants did this themselves in my rent stabilized building nearby in Riverdale. $50 per apt got the cameras at the doors and outside by the garage entrance.

      • nuff said

        In this building, it is an inside job.

        • noclist

          They think it might be an inside job. How many people get buzzed in without knowing who the person they’re letting in is? A camera at the door might actually deter that.

  • Wild West

    What about the police? Isn’t this something for the police because … it’s about crime?

  • Common Sense

    Landlords don’t fight crime. Period. Landlords pay billions in property taxes every year so the City has enough money to hire police to fight crime. How does this story turn into yet another bashing of landlords? Shouldn’t the article say “Landlords demand a rebate of their property taxes because they obviously aren’t getting what they are paying for”