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City urged to help foot $300M bill for Brooklyn library fixes

Nonprofit calls on de Blasio to act; says some branches have roofs that are collapsing
April 08, 2014 12:10PM

A civic nonprofit is rallying at Prospect Park’s Grand Army Plaza today to convince Mayor Bill de Blasio to help pay for the $300 million in building repairs needed at Brooklyn Public Library’s 60 locations.

Several of the branches in the system have broken elevators, collapsing roofs and poorly functioning air conditioning. The group, Citizens Defending Libraries, pointed to a $3.5 million AC unit needed at the Brooklyn Heights library located at 280 Cadman Plaza West.

City officials did not provide a comment to the New York Daily News, which reported the story.

In February, library officials revealed plans to sell the Brooklyn Heights site to a developer who would build condominiums above a ground-floor library. Proceeds from the sale would go toward making repairs at multiple branches. Various developers bidding for the site were required to include at least 20,000 square feet of library space and affordable housing when proposing designs, as previously reported. [NYDN]Mark Maurer

  • property taxes are unfair

    Wow he really inherited a bunch of burdens that are just being passed onto developers because the city can’t be politically incorrect and shrink the specs on the libraries to be more usable and cheaper to repair.

    He needs to stop being bullied by the unions too. He already won the election and he won’t be reelected because he panders to these high income earners – they are going to cause him to lose the next election because the majority who dont enjoy rent regs and union jobs are scared of him for the very misgivings described by Andrea Pelosi. She’s not fearmongering because that fear of him being pro-crony and writing checks with other people’s money is already out there.

    He’s the mayor NOT the unions NOT the tenant advocates and NOT his buddies who are on the city council. He doesn’t answer to anyone else and he gets to decide if this city will flourish and it’s not going to happen by offering financial salves to every soapbox banger out there EVEN if they are on friendly terms with him.

    • weht eminent domain library

      Even union members are scared of the cost of his liberal dogooder plans but in the end he used that fear against them and offered his predecessor’s offer so a pat on the back for this secret gunslinger of a mayor:

      Here is an interesting side note:
      Judging from the negotiation team
      sent over for the pow-wow it is evident that Deblasio is extremely
      scared of what PERB would hand us. His team knows what the MTA police
      just got so it makes sense that he wants to resolve this specific
      contract by any means necessary within his budgetary constraints hence
      this grand experiment that promises the world but has no solid basis for
      success. Also keep in mind that Deblasio has plans for our pension
      money. As he has publicly stated that he will use union pension money to
      fund affordable housing for the poor. My pal senses that any contract
      resolution will tie our pension funds into the negotiations. This
      liberal Mayor wants our money and he will promise us the world in order
      to get his greedy paws on it.

      He wants the keys to the pension vault! Once
      in it,m this communist will loot it for his “share the wealth” agenda.
      The union should walk out of the negotiations and demand PERB.

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      Feb 11 14 2:02 PM.

      Using pension money to revitalize neighborhoods isn’t a new idea.

      If I’m correct, the pension money in 1984 was invested in SPECIFIC
      housing development. One could point to a building and say that the
      pension money helped build THAT building, and not turned over to be used
      as a bottomless pit of money to go to when every friend of the mayor
      decides to buy a plot of land to build something….then go bankrupt and
      walk away with pension money in the form of salary and benefits for the
      ‘principals’ of the development.

      The way dB has it, they want the pension money to throw at whatever
      project they want, as long as they can put the term, “affordable
      housing” in the request.

      As it stands now, the pension money may just go to prop-up the the NYC
      Housing Authority, a government agency DEEP in deficit spending, with
      little, if any, return on rents….but a LOT of “affordable housing.”